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Set on a 4 Card Straight Board

Playing a 2/3 NL game at Talking Stick the other night...

Hero - $200~
Villain - $400~
Player 3 -$800~

I've been playing this table for a couple hours and feel I have a read on these two players. I've played well only showing winning hands except losing to an obvious flush with top pair. This was a bad call on my part and the table knew it.

Hero in SB with 4c4s

Villain came from a 2/4 lhe game. He had been betting $3 UTG on flops, turns and rivers (almost unheard of).

Player 3 is in law school, nice guy, competent player and has been calling out hands accurately.

Villain limps, folds around to player 3 on the button who calls. Hero raises to $10, two callers.

Flop: 5s3h4h

How would you proceed and why? Please don't just say "ship it." Please explain why you would ship it, why you would bet/check...

edit: obvious you know the card coming on the turn because I'm an idiot and bad naming titles...

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Re: Set on a 4 Card Straight Board

Raising pre here is bad. Obviously c-bet this board for value, but even if it was a limped pot leading the flop is best.
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Re: Set on a 4 Card Straight Board

I don't like the preflop raise. It's really small, so has absolutely no chance at thinning the field. Plus we'll be OOP (including to at least one competent villain), and will hate most flops. Just see a flop, keeping our implied odds sky high against the ******ed limit player.

I would pot the flop. Board is drawy (so we want to start getting in money as fast as possible before a scare card comes to kill hand/action). Plus overpairs will have a hard time folding to the first bet.

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