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Old 09-06-2016, 09:53 AM   #1
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QTs - Who wants to be a hero 1/2

Villain is brand new to the table. Literally first hand. He's a middle aged asian guy who brings $300 to the table and takes his first hand UTG (none of that is particularly unusual in this game)

Hero has a bit over $200

Villain $7, folds to Hero in MP with QdTd who 3-bets to $15, folds to villain who calls.

Flop $30


Villain check, Hero $20, Villain call

Turn $70

Ts6d3c 8c

Villain check, Hero $40, Villain call

River $150

Ts6d3c8c As

Villain $50, Hero ???

About the 3-bet size. It's something I experimented with and don't like so I doubt I'll do it more. A weak/pot sweetener open like this in this game is generally a weak holding and in theory we can treat it like a limp. I hate letting this go off at $7 because I can easily pick up 3 or 4 more callers and I like opening QTs in this spot so I opt for a raise size that I'd use if villain had limped.

I don't like it though because there's zero chance villain will fold. I think $22 or fold would be better (even though $15 did pretty much what I'd hope it'd do here).

I'm not sure though. I seems like this weak lead thing is something villains can do fairly cheaply that will take away a lot of our profitable spots if we default to a normal 3-bet range and they can make us pay if we 3-bet widely and they occasionally do the weak open with a strong holding.
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Old 09-06-2016, 09:56 AM   #2
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: QTs - Who wants to be a hero 1/2

Im not calling. Fold or raise as a bluff.
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Re: QTs - Who wants to be a hero 1/2

3 bet to 15? wut?

why not just 3 bet to 11, tell V to 4! to 15, and then loudly exclaim to the dealer, "we could do this all night!"

seriously, 3! to 35 and go for some actual FE.

every street is bet too small, especially the turn. bet 100 and take it down.

as played, call.
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Blue Eyed Samurai
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Re: QTs - Who wants to be a hero 1/2

I know the pot odds look enticing, but I'm folding. Villain bet pre, called the 3!, check/call check/call...and now, when an Ace hits, is he really going to suddenly bluff tiny into the three-better who's bet flop and river?

If it's not a bluff, the river bet must be for value - but i can't think of a reasonable hand that does this for value that we beat.

There are lots of villains where I'd snap call this but absent reads, this is a sigh fold.

And seriously, if you're going to three bet as a bluff, three-bet as a bluff and take the pot down. I'll sometimes 3! on the smaller side with hands I want a caller or two, but QT isn't one of 'em.
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