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Live Low-stakes NL Discussion of up to 3/5 live no-limit, pot-limit and spread-limit Texas Hold'em poker games, situations and strategies.

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Posting Guidelines/Important thread links (READ THIS FIRST)

Daunted by trying to create an all-encompassing "master sticky", I instead decided that it would be good to get something up and in place.

All input is greatly welcomed; simply post in the Suggestion Box. If you feel your idea is not getting the proper attention or isn't fit for public posting, please PM me directly.

Now then, I hate to be "that guy", but here it is. We're starting off with what NOT to post!


* any hand from online or from a game with $5/$5 blinds or larger
* a blog thread (ie any thread that is basically one-way communication with periodic updates)
* questions about games in your area or any where else (the Brick and Mortar forum is the appropriate place for those questions)
* questions about rake, game quality, or casino promotions (again, those belong in B&M)
* names of regulars in your games or cardroom employees
* asking for or offering staking or coaching


* Posting about omg I am so unlucky/bad beats/stupid fish is allowed, but only in the official "BBV" thread
* You can chat with other live regulars about anything from the best chip castles to your favorite breakfast foods in the official chat thread.
* questions about live winrates or bankroll requirements can be asked in the winrates, bankrolls, and finances thread.

If you create unnecessary and repetitive threads on these subjects, or other low-content threads, I will either merge them into the appropriate thread or simply lock them.


We're here to discuss strategy and all that entail in the smallest live no-limit games, and the primary way we do that is by posting and discussing hands. Here's some guidelines to follow to ensure that you get the most out of the forum.

* Use a good descriptive title, which should include the stakes you are playing as well as some indication of the situation or decision you want to discuss
* Include a reads and history on everyone involved in the hand (its tradition at 2+2 to call you opponents "villains"; this does not me we think they are evil)
* Include your table image at the time of the hand
* Include all relevant stack sizes
* Include clear street-by-street action up to the point of the decision you are asking about
* include your thoughts, reasoning, and plan for the hand
* DO NOT include results of the hand, or action beyond the "big" decision
* DO NOT include more than one hand in a thread

The more effort you put into starting good threads, the better strategy discussion that will arise. If you need a hand creating a thread, please review FoldnDark's excellent Live Hand Template.


We are discussing live hands on the internet... that does not mean you can act like an internet douchebag or ignore common courtesy. If you do not behave in line with community standards your post will be edited or deleted, and in some cases you will receive infraction points. Accumulate enough infraction points and you will be banned from all of 2+2.

Some notes on general posting standards:
* No personal attacks.
* No berating players. You can berate their play of a hand, but not the player. there is a huge and obvious difference between "OMG your are terrible!" and "That check-raise is terrible and pure spew." Which brings me to...
* Include your reasoning! If you feel the play was bad and have a better line, tell us why its better.
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Location: 0EV against everyone ... seriously
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7/27/10 Update

From now on, if you include results in your OP I reserve the right edit your post to remove the results.

If you post results anywhere in your thread less than 48 hours after the OP, I reserve the right to move the thread to BBV.

Some key links:

The Suggestion Box:

The CoTM past and present:

The Winrates and bankroll thread:

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Re: Posting Guidelines/Important thread links (READ THIS FIRST)

Anti-Archive bump.
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