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Live Low-stakes NL Discussion of up to 3/5 live no-limit, pot-limit and spread-limit Texas Hold'em poker games, situations and strategies.

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Old 12-31-2013, 12:53 AM   #1
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Played live 1$/1$ for 1st time :D

Hi guys ,
I played online 5$ and 10$ DON sngs full time 10-20 tables and switched to live cash game this month . I played for around 20 days and made a decent profit. (with run good obv).
I want to post some hands , but I don't remember any . Everything was accurately displayed to me via HUD online and when I played live , I felt everything was vague.
How do you guys post the stack sizes and bets exactly while posting hands? I don't want to take notes at the tables ,etc , because the players I play with are super rich college kids and uncles who would just stop giving me action if they notice I do all these.

Blinds 50/50 INR rake 5% capped to 500 INR ( 1 USD = 60 INR)
Player Pool : Passive call stations . They 3-bet with only QQ+ and flat even AKs OOP. Only 10% players 3-bet 10+ / AK.
The standard raise is 400-500 INR ( 50/50 blinds) and if 2 or more players call the raise , the guys behind call very wide to see the flop .
For 70% of the players , limping range = limp calling range unless it's raised to more than 500.
They just want to see the flop and chase the draws till the river .
They prefer betting with only top pair or better and the remaining just check / call / float and flat. (will float till the river with middle pairs / back doors , etc etc
They love to float and flat unless they have a strong hand on a wet board which they raise .
If it's not multiway they over play their hands way too much when it's heads-up.

What strategy should I follow to extract the maximum out of these players? I just played tight and value bet when I made strong hands and folded investing as little when I did'nt hit .
These games have no fold equity at all

Also will playing online cash games help me with these live games? If so what stakes should I play ? Full ring or short handed and with or without HUD?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Played live 1$/1$ for 1st time :D

I would strongly encourage you to start here with some reading.

Then proceed to here.

Both of these are really good primers to play live, posting in this forum. Trying to get your barrings, and just generally really good poker advice.

There is a lot of information to digest though, so give it some time and don't be afraid to read it twice, or to put it down for a few hours / day and come back to it.

Good luck!
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old hand
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Re: Played live 1$/1$ for 1st time :D

There is a lot of profit to be had just play a TAG style. Especially so when you play with people who call way too often. Find out what there thresh hold is for calling is and exploit it. Then you can throw in some balance when they adjust to you being to tight. Assuming you play with the same people. All I can say is be prepared for some serious swings, hopefully more good than bad.

Also is there any reason you can't just take notes on your phone? I'd assume no one would think twice about you messing with your phone at the table.
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Redskins 47
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Re: Played live 1$/1$ for 1st time :D

Learn to adjust. Dont ever sit down at a table with the mentality "im gonna play tag or lag". Pay attention to how your opponents are playing and figure out how you can beat them.
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Re: Played live 1$/1$ for 1st time :D

Thanks a lot guys I'll start from here.
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Re: Played live 1$/1$ for 1st time :D

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