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Re: PAHWM: 1/3 NL TPGK .. Valuetown?

Originally Posted by wj94 View Post
I think any time the first PF caller is also the first post flop caller in a multiway pot with action behind him on an ace high FD board, you're smoked on the turn the vast majority of the time when diamond comes. That's why I would c/f turn and River. Doubt V bets worse Ax when the diamond hits turn and if he's any good he shouldn't have many AXd hands and even those usually check turn except maybe AxKd or AxQd
Though yes, I agree that if I do check, I would fold to a bet.
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Re: PAHWM: 1/3 NL TPGK .. Valuetown?

If possible, I'd rather not have another deepish stack to my left unless there are no good other seats or we don't think this guy is capable of creating any problems for us.

I really hate that we went 5ways to the flop, but I'm guessing we really didn't see that coming after raising from the CO with just 1 limper.

I'd probably bet 1/2 PSB on the flop ($40) and go from there. Number of callers / stack sizes / position / turn card / etc. will then have to be evaluated. ETA: I probably bet smaller than most cuz I'm attempting my best to attempt some form of pot control; I'm really not looking to build a huge pot here (although the preflop results really killed this).

ETA: I probably check/giveup on the turn, which is probably fairly lame. But this dude called the flop bet with 3 others still to react behind him (who could have been waiting in the weeds), so he's most likely not floating random air for $50 and a prayer. The most obvious draw got there. The only danger is that he might bet an Ace now as the last money he puts in the pot; or would he just check behind and maybe try to get to showdown without having to put his biggish stack at risk?

ETA: I think Willy makes a good case for bet/folding the turn small. Although I still think I'm leaning towards check/fold as WJ and Case (originally) went with. FWIW, the more difficulty we think Button can give us (and him betting an Ace on the turn instead of weakly checking and hoping to get to showdown would cause us difficulty), the more we have to not be sitting in this seat.


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