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over pair vs drunk fish 1/2

Hippodrome Casino, London

Hero (880): young, tight winning player, dressed in a suit to give off impression of being a businessman fish and quiet around the table

Villain 1 (350): decent but sat with his girlfriend now and playing every hand pre-flop to "show-off", little does he realise she gives off just about every tell in the book as he shows her his hand every time.

Villian 2 (750): drunk mega fish making huge raises (sometimes blind) pre flop and huge c-bets on the flop (50-200) but seems tight when is not opening the action and definitely seems capable post flop, having folded top pair and two pair face up to raises on the turn and river, etc. talking loudly and playing bad.

Hero is dealt JJ in the CO. Folds round to Hero who raises to 9. Villain 1 calls OTB and Villain 2 calls in SB.

Flop (29) 652

V2 chk, Hero c-bet to 23, V1 calls and V2 calls.

Turn (98) 7

As played: V2 chk, Hero bets 55, V1 folds and V2 raises to 150

Do you like another bet on the turn or is checking best to see if draws come in on the river?

I still think I have the best hand here enough but don't like a shove and calling seems too weak as probably more than half the deck will be suffice to get me off of my hand OTR. We don't have much invested in the pot and I'm sure I can find better spots to get this money, no? thoughts?

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The Rumor
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Re: over pair vs drunk fish 1/2

This screams Beluga theorem to me versus someone who has been tight when not driving the action.
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Wing Nut
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Re: over pair vs drunk fish 1/2

I like barreling the turn for value and there are a lot of bad river cards in the deck if we check, and gives both Villains an opportunity to catch up or get us off the hand (A/K/Q/8/Club).

As played the check raise looks really strong and I most likely fold.
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old hand
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Bet/fold the turn all day
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