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Crossing the border with $10K+ ... plus shortstacking update.

Hey guys,

It's been a while, I hope you are all doing well and thriving.

I decided to go on an adventure and left my quiet little village, for the splendor of LA. I like California, I would like to stay forever, and the Commerce is an awesome casino to play in. I really enjoyed myself, and the regs are a hoot. You've got Ray, Henry, Oscar, Young, Yassir, Andy ... and dozens more that just make the game a party. I even met Limon, someone I have absolutely no chemistry with, but insofar as a simpleton can resonate with a two-toed sloth, we tried.

Results were typical, I made a few adjustments to my SS-strategy for the game (thanks Snowie), but over 400 hours ...

Which is pretty much in alignment with my past 4500 hours of shortstacking the 1-2 games in Canada, but with a 34% bonus on the exchange rate.

America ... FUCK YA!

Happy to discuss strategy.


Anyway, I have a question:

Bringing money back to Canada. I looked and found a few threads, but nothing too current. Can I simply get a cashiers cheque from the Commerce for $15k, and bring it with me through the border?

Should I Western Union the money to myself instead? Open an American Bank account and wire it to my account? Carry cash?

From what I've read, the cardinal sin is to structure things to evade the $10K CTR thingy. So, I won't. However, previous experiences with Canada Customs do not inspire confidence. I don't trust them. And I'd rather not get flagged for carrying moderate sums across the border, but perhaps that's unavoidable.

Anyone have any experience with this? And what would be the best solution? I'll be heading off in a few days.


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Re: Crossing the border with $10K+ ... plus shortstacking update.

insofar is one of my favorite words
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Re: Crossing the border with $10K+ ... plus shortstacking update.

The only comment I have is this:

I think anyone who has the patience and discipline to successfully play a short stack strategy for a pretty long time, most likely has the ability to play deeper stacked at a considerably higher win rate.

PS...Im not hating on short stack at all. I short stacked the online 5/10 6 max games back in the day and did very well.
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Re: Crossing the border with $10K+ ... plus shortstacking update.

When you're ready to discuss strategy, let us know.
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Re: Crossing the border with $10K+ ... plus shortstacking update.

Venice is clearly feeling a tidge grumpy, but he's right. This is not really a thread for this forum. It would make a good PGC thread, or in this forum, most of it could go in the Winrates thread.

The border stuff, IDK. Generally speaking, for coming in to America, you just have to declare amounts over 10K, there's no restriction on it. No idea what the Canada rules are. Maybe you should ask in one of the Venue threads that is a location just over the border in to Canada?
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