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Vig Nuts
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Live Homegame- Trips vs. potential boat on river

Hi there,

This is a live weekly tournament i play in. I was going to post into tournament but it plays like a cash game in the early stages (20 min blinds, start at 25/50, 6k starting chips) So i thought i'd post it here to see what kind of answers i can get as it's just about maximizing my return.

I want some critique on how i played the hand, it's not the usual line i take, i would usually play if faster but i wanted to switch it up this time for some reason...

Read on the main villain: Older gentleman (70yo), plays tight, but because it's a regular group of guys and he likes to keep it interesting, he'll make moves sometimes, especially from EP with random two cards but usually would open rather than limp. He likes to draw and will call down one or two streets but if he has nothing, he'll usually fold by river. He likes to make small blocker bets all the time when he has a piece of it.

Here's the hand-
9 players
Blinds 50/100

UTG- Folds
Villain (UTG+1) -limps 100
4 folds
Button limps 100
Hero (SB)- KT completes 100
BB- checks

Flop (Pot = 400)
5d Tc Th

Hero checks
BB checks
Villain bet 250
Button folds
Hero calls 250
BB folds

Turn (Pot = 900)

Hero checks
Villain bets 250
Hero raises to 600
Villain insta calls

River (Pot = 2100)

Hero checks.
Villain asks how much i have, he's got me covered and i have 4250 behind.
Villain then bets 2150 telling me i will still have about 10 bb's to shove if i lose.

Thought process-
I slowplayed this hand and slowed down on the river because i felt that i was getting slowplayed myself after his turn bet/call. My initial flash read is that he has 55. It lines up with the limping from EP. He would raise pre with JJ+ (100% guaranteed). No draws make sense. Two pair is out of the question as no mix of the board makes sense to what he would hold. The smallish bet on the turn was where it messed me up. I would expect him to bet more into the turn to get value out of his boat because if i called that flop, a 2c turn would not deter me to continue. When i raised the turn, i would also expect him to 4bet me or hollywood a little and think about it before calling.

Then the river bet, so much, it looked like he was trying to buy the pot but it's a weird line from what i know of him to do. He does like to play back at me with nothing sometimes but not very often at all (1 in every 200 hands, i'd say).

I just need help in understanding if i should have played faster, how would you have played it? What you put him on? etc.

Thinking back on it, i would still check the flop but would raise the turn a little more to 750-800. Then if he still called, i'd still check the river.

Spoiler below:

: He has 77 for a boat.
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old hand
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Re: Live Homegame- Trips vs. potential boat on river


why check this flop 4 ways? a lot of pps and 10's in there ranges

as played call river
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Re: Live Homegame- Trips vs. potential boat on river

Post it in the tournament forum. I'd move it for you, but since you knew you should of posted it there I'm not going to.

Oh and if this was a cash game you played it horribly. You played it bad in the tournament too.
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