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Live Low-stakes NL Discussion of up to 3/5 live no-limit, pot-limit and spread-limit Texas Hold'em poker games, situations and strategies.

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Live $1/$3 Line Check

4 hands I would like checked for $1/3,

UTG limps, LJ Opens for $21 (this is a pretty big sizing for this game, it is usually around $12-15).

Hero looks at JJ (i forgot the suits) and decides to flat UTG flats.

UTG Villain has $300+, LJ Villain has $69 behind, the hero has $270,

Flop is KhQhJs

UTG leads for $40, LJ shoves for $69, I decide to shove over the top, thoughts?

I feel the board is super wet and don't want any more draws to come in and want to get my money in right now, we are losing to Kings and Queens but we are beating AA, AK, AQ and flush and straight draws. I think that it is a profitable long term. As for preflop, I think I could have 3bet and gotten it in against the LJ since he was so short (I did not realize at the time, it was one of my first hands and he was next to me kinda covering his chips)



limped pot, (UTG, BTN, SB and me)

hero has 93o, checks go 4 ways,

Flop is K4Tr, checks around,

J (completes rainbow) on the turn, checks around again,

Q on the river, we make the bottom end of a straight.

I bet $10,

UTG now rips it in for $165

I decide to fold after trying to get a read out of him, I just could not read him, he does seem like a new player and I just don't know if we can call enough times to be profitable, I think most of the time this is an A since he limped UTG but could be any two cards since as I said he is newer. I felt he just got too excited and ripped it and I decided not to go broke on a limped pot. Idk might have been too nitty.


Hero looks at 99 UTG, open for $15, 4 ways to the flop.

Flop is A/5/2r,

I decide to Cbet $45 since I have been pretty tight the whole night, even though I would usually shut down if there are this many callers, but since I have been pretty tight and the board is just sooooo dry, I felt i could get away with it cuz the Ace smacks me so hard.

Everyone calls, at this point, I just give up, Turn is a bring, UTG +2 bets $140 and I am done with the hand.

Thoughts on the Cbet? Should I just never cbet at low stakes unless it hits me multiway and just give up with "air"?

4) I think this might have been too agro/spew but idk:

Button straddle to 6, Player in UTG+1 primitively puts in $6

SB opens to $55, The player has about $290 and covers hero who has $250 after that last hand (3) didn't have a chance to top off. Interestingly the player that has put in the $6 and the player that raised look at each other and make a comment about punishing his mistake since the $6 stays (the UTG+1 limper is tilted at this point of the night). Not sure if I believe that the guy is bullying the other guy but this is a pretty big sizing, he started the night with $200 and is a rec player, has gotten some chips and the player did play a large hand kinda passively before.

BB fold,

Hero looks at AKo,

I am not really sure what to do at this spot, on one hand, I think it is kinda week to fold, but with my stack size (and effectively being 40bb deep with a straddle), I don't think I can 3 bet to any amount other than a shove. I am blocking Aces and kings and flipping against everything else, I decide to rip it in for $250, push my max fold equity and it folds around to the SB who tank calls. I don't really think that players understand the implications of a straddle at $1/$3 that it halves their stack so I don't really know how I should be approaching these spots.


Thanks for your help!
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Re: Live $1/$3 Line Check

Better to post hands separately.

1 and 2 are fine.
3 I probably don't c-bet into that many players.
4 I shove or make it $125 (call) and shove all flops if I think they'll call wide.
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Re: Live $1/$3 Line Check

You'll probably get better responses having a single HH per thread; 4 in a thread is pretty overwhelming.

My quick 2 cents:


Just $90 deep I'm pretty happy playing for stacks preflop with JJ unless against an uber nit. I just ship the $90 preflop.

I'm fine with the flop shove.


I play the whole hand the same way and would typically check (mostly to fold) the river (too good a chance someone has an A this multiway); we could perhaps think of making a bluffcatching call against an LP aggro bet. Trivial fold to the huge overjam, there's just no way we're going to be good enough of the time (including chopping cases) to justify a call.


Stack sizes aren't mentioned but I typically just open limp here but that's my passive style (others will be cooler with raising and going very multiway like we did).

So 3 opponents? I don't hate the cbet since sometimes no one has an Ace and we are good here (and if we are we're very vulnerable). But if we're cbetting then I would cbet far less (nothing more than 1/2 PSB, there is no reason to go to a huge 2/3 PSB imo). Check/giving up is also fine. Note that this is one of the reasons I'm not in love with preflop: it really magnifies our mistakes (mistakes in big pots are a lot more costlier than mistakes in small pots).


If you want to top off (I'll leave that decision up to you), there is never no excuse not to. Either have chips ready in your pocket or simply put some money on the table and ask dealer for chips / "I'm $x behind".

Hand is really opponent dependent, imo. Against a decent amount of opponents, I think a nit fold here is fine. Against some opponents, a snap shove is easy peasy and fine. And for some opponents inbetween it's a weird spot (although mostly one I think we can pass on). Much more reason to get aggro here if there was some more significant dead money in the pot with some loose lol callers, but without that extra dead money there's not a heckuva lotta reason to gamble here unless opponent can raise this much from this early very wide. IMO.

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Re: Live $1/$3 Line Check

Hand 1: With LJ that short just reraise pre, it sucks playing in protected pots postflop so I'd rather just take it heads up. Flat isn't awful or anything though.

Hand 2: Very clear check OTR, what are you trying to get called by? Two pair probably doesn't even call, also it's clear nobody has two pair from the action on previous streets. You're pretty much just burning $10 there anytime anyone has an ace - which is going to be pretty often, as it's a commonly played card and nobody appears to have kings or jacks or anything. I'd check looking to x/f almost always. Your instincts on this hand are way off, even facing totally random hands you are only a small fave that nobody has an ace here, and given the other factors at play it's going to easily be a fave that somebody has an ace. At best your hand is a bluffcatcher, but most players won't bluff into 3 opponents here, so in reality your hand is in the "check and hope nobody bets" category.

Hand 3: Yeah, 4 opponents is too many to cbet. That you've been tight doesn't really help, nobody is going to look at an ace and think "well he's been tight, I'd better just fold my top pair". That's not what they came to the casino for.

Hand 4: Automatic shove.
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Re: Live $1/$3 Line Check

All four hands are fine. Well played.

H3, you could c-bet half pot to achieve exactly whatever you want to achieve with a 3/4 pot bet. This will eventually save you money. When all three call, it's time to shut down. I mix in c-bets on the flop with delayed c-bets on the turn from time to time, with my one overcard flops. Depending on live reads and my image, I might fire a second barrel, but I do it extremely rarely.
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Re: Live $1/$3 Line Check

Hand 1. I would raise because the board is very wet. A good amount of turn cards can kill your action. I would raise to $140 and GII on all turns (quads and boats, we can maybe bet small to induce instead of jamming). Jamming does look weaker than raising to $140 but we can maybe keep the fish on the line to make a mistake on the next street.

Hand 2. Easy fold. Players at this stake are not bluffing enough to make this call ever profitable even if you are against another 9.

Hand 3. Cbetting is fine against 3 players on this dry of a board texture but a much smaller size is needed. I would bet $20. If you get 1 caller, you can bet $50 on good turns. Yes, this may sound crazy but you will take this down against all 3 when they don't have an Ace and if you get it HU, a double barrel can take down a good % of the time when they have a weak Ace. Obv, this is player dependent and you are risking $70 instead of $45 but with the one and done at $45, we are allowing the Villain to play perfectly with very little pressure.

If you get called by more than 1 player, you have to shut it down unless you hit bink city on the turn or river.

Hand 4.
I don't think you have any fold equity when they commit over 20% of the effective stack. This could be wrong but I doubt he is ever folding. I would fold. We are flipping at best and there is less than 3 bb of dead money. This seems very high variance and unnecessary.
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