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KQo barrels

V is a mid aged asian man. I'm new to the table so no reads when this hand occurs.
Hero raises to 20 w AA (230 eff)
V calls as well BB.
Flop 754r ck hero bets 40 and V calls. HU.
Turn 9hh hero puts v all in for 200ish. and V folds.
Made me think two barreling him may be profitable...

Hero raises KQo from HJ (300 eff) 20
V calls NTA. BTN calls.
Flop (60) 853 hero bets 40 V calls. Heads up.
Turn (140) Ac hero jams for 200ish.
Is this spew? Is the Cbet planning to double barrel vs V bad?
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Re: KQo barrels

Kinda new here so don't know what's the normal way to approach an answer to such post, hope I'll do fine

I wouldn't take this line based on one hand that double barrel worked against such villain.
probably bigger sample is needed to determine whether double barreling is profitable against fishy player type.
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Re: KQo barrels


And yes, this line is like saying you live in an 'ocean view villa', sounds great until he looks you up, comes calling, and finds out you live under the dock by the beach.

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