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KK 1/3 multiway

Hero (400 effective) - unknown image to table

V1 (420) - unknown to hero

V2 (600) - table talking about how he has been hitting everything. Ran his stack up to 800. Lost a pot I canít remember earlier

8 handed

V1 limps utg, v2 raises to 10 utg+1, hero 3! to 40 with red KK, folds villains who both call

Flop - $124

Checks to Hero, who bets $100. V1 calls, V2 jams.


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Re: KK 1/3 multiway

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Re: KK 1/3 multiway

Goes back and time and makes a smaller flop bet unless his goal was to get it in fast
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Re: KK 1/3 multiway

I 3bet to $60. The problem with 3betting to $40 is that even HU against the original raiser we'll have given him almost 14:1 IO which is slightly too good of IO for my tastes if we're not going to be able to fold postflop (and postflop we'll have created a HU SPR 4.5 where we probably shouldn't be able to fold). Also sounds like perhaps V1 is loose, which now has more chance of going up against 2 opponents (giving them even better IO) and creating an SPR of ~3 which will be even more impossible to fold to. At aggro tables attacking weak bets, another option would be to flat and hope someone 3bets for us (although this can of course backfire).

I'd probably PSB the flop as there is no difference in calling frequency between anyone calling $100 vs $125 and no one folds a draw on the flop (and perhaps no one folds TP on the flop to these two different bet sizes).

We probably have to sigh stack off here as much as we hate the action. Which for me all comes back to preflop. If we get ourselves into situations where we'll have to sigh stack off postflop we'd better not be giving ~ok IO preflop.

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