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JJ vs. bad player

1-2 home game. Villain is very bad. He's the kind of player who open raises with a wide range, will call raises with any 2 cards, he'll always reraise 10s or better and usually reraise 8s and 9s, but will always limp-call with AK because "he always loses with AK."

I have about 220 and he has about 200 on this hand, very early on in the session.

Hero opens to 15 utg with JJ. Folds to villain in the CO who raises to 30. All folds and hero calls.

Flop A:108. Hero checks, villain checks.
Turn 3. Hero bets 40, villain calls.
River 2. Hero checks, villain goes all-in, hero folds.

Should I have jammed preflop?
Was betting the turn standard?
Is x-folding the river correct?
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Re: JJ vs. bad player

if you have confidence his raising range is usually 88's+, but we are confident also that his strongest Ax hands get flatted, its pretty bad for us. The portion of pairs that we beat preflop two have now become sets - Villain could easily choose to check back flop (bad players like to slow play).
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Re: JJ vs. bad player

The min-3 bet pf with this villain is often AA or KK. This would have been a good time to donk bet the flop to see if you could push him off KK.

As described, easy fold on the river.
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