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Live Low-stakes NL Discussion of up to 3/5 live no-limit, pot-limit and spread-limit Texas Hold'em poker games, situations and strategies.

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JJ flop spot 1/2nl

Only been at the table for 30 mins or so. So far the table is pretty tight passive post flop. Decent amount of limping going on. Mostly older guys with a couple 30 or 40 yr olds. Theres a guy sitting with 1500 who apparently got a bunch of money from some crazy drunk who was blind all inning over and over for 100 at a time, I have position on him. Even the dealer confirmed the action saying this player has done it multiple times. Overal my strategy has been to just play tight and not limp behind thus far. I dont want to deal with the big stack being able to bully my marginal hands. Standard open at the table is 6-8$.

Villain is 30-40 yr old wg hasnt gotten out of line and has played very fit or fold. Saw him fold AJ in a multi way pot on the flop on a Jack high board when action went bet then a raise before it got over to him. 200-250 stack approximately.

Hero mid 20s guy. Playing pretty tight probably dont have much of an image. I've shown down one top pair since I've sat down and that was the only hand I played other than checked option then flop folds when I've been bb. 230 or so stack

Open MP 1 to $8 with JcJd call in mp 2 call in co call by villain on button call by 1500 stack in BB.

Flop: 35 after rake 9h4s3s. Checked to me I bet $20 mp2 folds co folds button raises to $45 bb folds action on me.

My question is what the optimal line is here. With no spade in our hand can we exploitatively be folding here despite the pretty great price were getting facing the just about min raise? We have limited sample size to work with but I dont think villain seems like they are the player to raise a draw all that often. In the 30 mins I've been here I havent seen anyone raise the flop. I kind of expect the hand to be a scared 9 more than I expect it to be a flush draw. I think this player is going to be more likely to call behind in position with that. In game read is that I'm behind. I decided to call since I was getting a great price looking to ditch the hand if I faced further agression. Turn was As. Check check. River 4th spade check check.
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