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Old 05-07-2013, 02:39 PM   #1
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Got stacked VS 83 in $1/$3 OMG PUKE

Ok, just a vent here, was playing well I thought, took some beats, always seemed to be on River.. did I play this bad?

1st hand,

On the Button again, have AQdd, 3 limpers in pot, I make it $15, everyone calls, villain on my right has been raising at least 3-4 times an orbit, super lag.. seen him fold a lot of flops he was raising to bets..

flop is A83 with 2 clubs... I bet $30 only 1 fold..turn is 9 of spades, I make it $60 guy to my left calls, villain goes all in for about $250 I have $160 roughly,,I call thinking he's got middle pair or FD..villlian to my left folds AJ, Villain says I have 2 pair flips over 83 off..river is a 4.

How do you call $15 pre with 83? are the players at this level really this bad? Given villains lag play was this a bad call on the turn? sorry for not having pot/bet sizing exact..

Now before this hand I was at the other table before getting moved, I had K10 off in a 4 way limped pot IP, I had about $350 or so

flop K10x I bet only 1 caller, turn J I bet like $55, river is a 9 pot is about $250 villain plays with his chips when 9 hits river,.. asks me how much I have behind, "$205 I say".... then he just checks behind..

I flip over my cards 2 pair K's an 10s..he MUCKS his cards!!! dealer goes to grab them and she's about an inch away from touching them he grabs his cards flips them over and says OHHH I have a STRAIGHT!! with 87

Floor is called and they say because dealer never touched them his hand was still good!!!


So this may have led to my possible spew on the 83 hand I called.
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Old 05-07-2013, 02:51 PM   #2
DK Barrel
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Re: Got stacked VS 83 in $1/$3 OMG PUKE

fine until the turn, why on earth would he c/r middle pair?

Unless you have a read that villain is ever c/r semi-bluffing on the turn, just give him credit and fold.
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Old 05-07-2013, 02:55 PM   #3
old hand
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Something seems wrong with hand one. You have AQ on the button but guy on left calls 60 and villain shoves 250. I am assuming you mean on the turn villain check to you on the button, villain 1 calls. Villain 2 shoves 250 and action back to you.

Several thoughts: why would villain 2 ever check raise his flush draw on turn unless he had like JTc or straight/flush draws. I doubt you ever seen AJ here. 2 pair/sets more likely. 2. You stated he also folds a lot of flops he misses. Well he didn't fold to your cbet so more then likely has something on flop. On turn he is telling you all the info you need.

Other observation:
8-3 was played horrible here just due to so many bad cards for him on the turn/river. Obviously he won a huge pot so some merit I suppose.
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Old 05-07-2013, 03:16 PM   #4
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Re: Got stacked VS 83 in $1/$3 OMG PUKE

I called because of my Image on him, he was playing a lot of hands and didn't seem to care about Pos when he did it,
I got into a few other hands with him.

He called a lot of biggish preflop raises from me and others, 1 other hand I remember I had AK, and again 2 or 3 limpers.. so I made it $15 or $20 don't remember, but got all the limpers calling including him, flop was J high I bet $60 and everyone folded..

So do I raise more pre so he's not priced in to call with 83 off? or just fold on turn shove from him? I guess maybe too since I was only at table for like 15min maybe he thought I was lag? thus his call pre?

And ya my pos on hand is probally off..

Think I was still a bit tilted from what happened at my first table, but I don't think it changed my play as far as range etc.. I was still playing pretty TAG IMO, but I am sure it had something to do with my fairly quick call, I just didn't give him credit for his shove...based on the info I had..

Bahh oh well, just 1 buyin right? lol
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Wing Nut
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Re: Got stacked VS 83 in $1/$3 OMG PUKE

Just posting to say that the title made me lol.
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Old 05-07-2013, 03:28 PM   #6
Poet Laureate of LLSNL
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Re: Got stacked VS 83 in $1/$3 OMG PUKE

Even though this is a bad beat brag and will probably be locked, you did play the hand poorly, imo.

First off, if the maximum BI is 100bb (it might not be where you play), and you play good, and your opponents don't, there is no reason to be sitting with less than the maximum BI on the table.

Second, you went 4ways to the flop when you raised. This is typically not a good result; one of our main goals when raising is to thin the field and preferably get this HU against a lone opponent who has simply put in far too much of his stack preflop to be profitable. A $15 raise after 3 limpers at my table is nothing more than a pot builder, and it looks like it at yours too. Start raising to $25 or $30 or whatever has a better chance at hitting the sweet spot of HU.

Third, you seem to have no plan for the hand on the flop. The SPR is small (about 4), and we've got TP2K on a board with a flush draw. We have to ask ourselves before we put a bet in what our plan is. Even though we are 4way, my plan would probably be to stack off at this point (although we're in a bit of a tough spot so multiway thanks to our preflop mistake). If we are cool with stacking off, then I would have bet the pot to set up a PSB turn shove before a scare card comes; hopefully we're up against an opponent that also has an A and can't fold it. We can't be putting in lottsa 1/2 PSBs that quickly add up to a large percentage of our stack and then fold, so we should just get the money in their ASAP with larger bets (especially on a board with draws). The turn is a tough spot, especially since the guy check/raised a better (who has bet preflop, flop and turn) plus a caller, but at this point we probably have to call since we've put in such a large percentage of our stack.

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Old 05-07-2013, 03:38 PM   #7
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Re: Got stacked VS 83 in $1/$3 OMG PUKE

everything GG said.

biggest mistakes imo are planning the hand from the start and bet sizing. if you size your pre flop raise and flop bet correctly, then the hand becomes much easier to play and allows you to avoid making mistakes on later streets by putting in a large percentage of your stack just to fold.

your goal against loose opponents is to allow them to make the mistake of putting in too much money pre with marginal hands, and then committing them post flop when they can't fold once they hit a piece of the flop.
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Re: Got stacked VS 83 in $1/$3 OMG PUKE

C======= BBV is that way.
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