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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Good turn, but spidey senses are tingling?

GG, I was going to reply, but your style of playing is so extremely different from mine (and most players in this forum), that it's not even worth it. I am pretty certain you'd get crushed in this game. (If you'd even sit in it.)
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Re: Good turn, but spidey senses are tingling?

Originally Posted by gobbledygeek View Post
Would be interesting to rank all the streets by both Hero and OP. My 2 cents:


Villain's flop call.
Villain's turn call.
Villain's river bet.


Hero's preflop raise (especially given maniac on Button, limp/reraise seems much better to me, or even a juicer raise that could be played back).
Hero's flop bet (not horrible by any means, but checking is better imo).


Hero's turn bet (especially given called by tight villain on the flop and picking up equity that we don't want to be blown off of).
Villain's preflop call.


Hero's check on the river (allowing so many hands that would be willing to call a bet to check behind).
Villain's river call of the raise.

In the overall scheme of things / what would happen if roles were reversed, I think Villain outplayed Hero (apart from horrendous river call, which admittedly is so bad it can't be ignored).

None of this is good or correct and even worse than trolling. Especially after results.
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Re: Good turn, but spidey senses are tingling?

Originally Posted by Amanaplan View Post
The only clear mistake was V bet-call river.

I have to ignore the Ďthink he flopped a setí narrative to give advice on how I think both ranges should/did play this one.

Against a competent V I like less pre, certainly less otf, less ott and ck riv w A andK of spades, also ckr less w stacks so deep.

Against a competent H, I love Vs line flat flat bet, but then fold to 3x, mostly bet-folding even to a click bc no competent hero takes this line w worse with that much stack still in play.
I think my approach here as V would be to raise the turn bet, and raise any non-spade river. Against Hero here I think I would actually check back or bet/fold spade rivers fairly equally. I just donít see Hero having air here often at all.
But I do agree with you Amanaplan (here and often). Vís turn play actually isnít as putrid as I originally thought.
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