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Live Low-stakes NL Discussion of up to 3/5 live no-limit, pot-limit and spread-limit Texas Hold'em poker games, situations and strategies.

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Flopping Top and bottom 1/2 NL

Hero: 300 effective

V: fairly loose and slightly aggressive, he can mix it up but won't get OOL very often

V raises to 5 in MP, I call in the BB w/ A9os for 3 more

I believe we go 4 way to a flop, so some callers in between

4 way to a flop : A9K (r) , (20) ; I x , V cb's 20 here, I opt to slow play here and just call to keep his range wide and not too concerned with protection on this board, all other players fold

T: 7os (60); I know he is fairly aggro so I x again to trap, he bets 25 , I'm putting him on [AT,AJ,AQ] , maybe 99 , AK seems a bit unlikely due to small open size

anyways I flat call with the intention of leading the River to not let him x back and get value

R: T ;(110) not the best card but still more combos of AQ/AJ than AT/AK so I lead for 85 with the intention of folding to a jam

How does my line look here?

thanks for any feedback
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Re: Flopping Top and bottom 1/2 NL

I'm not a fan. I'd go for the x/r flop, bet turn, shove river line. There are some villains who can't resist betting when checked to, and with this hand, I'd be fine checking it 3 times and just calling down. But if he's a more standard player, I'd just x/r the flop and try to keep pricing his Ace in.
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