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Flopped set on a monotone board 2k effective

Just played an absolutely sick hand at 2/5 with $17 button straddle. Effective stacks are 2k. one limp from mp, cutoff limps, I call with 4d4c BB limps and button checks action. This is a button straddle specific to this homegame where it doesn't make SB first to act. The button straddler is an absolute whale and we're looking to make sure he's in the pot . Villan seems to be a good player, said to have been a reg at one of the casinos nearby

Flop: A84sss ($85)
We bet $60, folds to v in co who raises to $150 folds back to hero who calls.

Im really inexperienced with stacks these deep and not sure if I should have re raised.

Turn 6d ($385)we check, v bets $300 we call

River 9h ($985)
Hero ?
Looking for advice on every street.
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Re: Flopped set on a monotone board 2k effective

Check - probably fold if he bets any where near pot. It's a limped pot - he could have anything - and you basically turned your hand into a bluff catcher. He isn't blasting off river wth 2 pair unless he's bad.

He should only be bluffing with the Ks and everything else will be a value bet.

you mentioned the BTN is a whale but he has nothing to do with this pot besides a BTN straddle.

Your stack depth is almost 100BB with the straddle BTW - but you should take into account what people are buying in for, and how much people are up. Most people won't want to lose a huge stack if they say bought in for $500 and worked it up to $2k.
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Re: Flopped set on a monotone board 2k effective

c/f river or lead/f for 1/3 pot.
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