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Pug Walker
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Flop 2nd Nuts vs Fish - ~400BB deep

Hand Histories...

1/2 NL
Asian kid sits and (not V) and straddles $5, couple limps, V limps in LP, Asian kid makes it $35, folds to V who calls.

Flop Q72r
V leads $40, Asian calls.
Turn 7
V leads $50, Asian calls.
River 4
V leads $50, Asian calls, V wins with A2o


V raises $11, Hero calls with AJo, BB calls.

Flop AQ4r
BB check, V bets $15, Hero calls, BB calls.

Turn 8
Bb check, V bets $15, Hero makes it $50, BB folds, V calls.

River 6
V checks, Hero bets $55, V calls, loses, and flips KQo


Another hand, not sure of the action preflop / on flop, but V was BB & other was SB.

Flop 467r
Bet/call (not sure of action)

Turn 2
Sb bets $100, V calls.

River 5
Sb checks, V shoves $200, SB snap calls, and V shows A5o while SB has 35s


On to the hand...

Effective stacks
V - $750
Hero - Covers
BB - $1k

V raises UTG to $15, Hero flats OTB with Q8, BB calls.

Flop ($45) - J109
BB checks, V bets $100, Hero...?

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Old 01-14-2020, 01:58 PM   #2
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Re: Flop 2nd Nuts vs Fish - ~400BB deep

Crystal clear raise flop to at least $350.

As played turn is close. I lean toward just calling now although I think we're still good 90% of the time. It's just gonna be so easy playing rivers vs this guy.
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old hand
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Re: Flop 2nd Nuts vs Fish - ~400BB deep

Really would have raised flop vs this guy. Calling is pretty bad with this hand / board.
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Flop 2nd Nuts vs Fish - ~400BB deep

Raise the flop to gii. There are so many cards we don't want to see on the turn. Make him pay for it. Maybe he'll think we are on a draw and call with much worse.

I can go either way on the turn. If you are sure he doesn't have a flush, maybe click it back or slightly more. I rarely do that, but against this guy I kind of like it. He might shove with a big heart, too. Sucks if he has KQ, but we can't really fold vs. him.
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Re: Flop 2nd Nuts vs Fish - ~400BB deep

grunch: raise flop to $350ish. Hell, I might even shove all in and expect to get called by all sorts of random stuff.

When he overbets $100, he has announced that he likes his hand, A LOT. You want to immediately shovel money in here vs a fish that cannot fold hands such as sets, 2 pair, 78, AJ, KJ, hearts, etc. His range is wide and there are many turn cards which can freeze the action.

As played, I call turn and would consider a small raise on blank rivers if he bets small again, or a 30-40% pot bet if checked to, otherwise I'm calling blank rivers, and might not even fold if another heart comes vs this player type who is just clicking buttons.
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