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Old 10-10-2017, 04:50 PM   #1
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A few interesting spots

Live 1-2 NL (40-200)

Sunday evening, apart from 2-5 regular(UTG, not relevant to this hand), table is full of passive/tight fish. A lot of limping & loose calls PF, fairly tight POST Flop.

Hero, mid 20s, looking smart First hand got dealt AA UTG & doubled up through nit on my right:

Raise pre, bet 723ss, bet /call NITS CR on A turn, reraised nits raise on 2 river...

Inbetween then and now got dealt a lot of medium strenght hands, raising Pre > missing flops> giving-up/C-betting good boards with little success. Should have fairly aggressive, but not too crazy image.

Utg folds

Utg+1 (V1, middle aged Loose passive 100bb) limps | calls

Villain has literally been playing around 80-90% of hands dealt. Been on a table for a few hours, prior to this hand only made an AGGRESIVE action exactly 2 times; first time bluffed bricked flush on a river & other time, bet turned flush on a river. Other than that been limp-calling away Pre and Post.

Mp folds

Mp1 folds

Hj (V2, OMC limp folding nit 100bb) limps | folds

Stacked by Hero on first hand. Loves to limp fold. Enough said.

Co (Hero 150bb) raise to 14 with A8hh

Standart open 5bb+1bb for each limper

Btn folds

Sb folds

Bb (V3, middle aged Tight passive) calls 14 80bb tight passive

Fairly new to the table. Likes to limp along/call raises from late position. Has not raised or 3-bet since sitting down about 30mins ago.

Pot: 43


BB checks | raises to 28
Utg1 raises to 14 | calls 28
Btn calls 14 | calls 28

BB by accident knocks off a bunch of chips of the top of his stack intending to call. After a little argument with a dealer it stands as a min raise. Hero tanks for a little while, looks at UTG+1 , who seems determined to call any raise Hero makes, Hero flats..

Pot: 127


Bb checks | calls 50
Utg1 checks | calls 50
Btn bet 50

Pot: 277


Bb checks
Utg1 bet 70

1) Any merit for limping behind Pre flop?
2) Flop action? Good squeeze spot???
3) Bet sizing on a turn? Possible ALL-IN??
4) River, crying call OR obvious fold?

Will post result later.
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Re: A few interesting spots

Your preflop and post flop positions on players don't match. I'll assume they are in order and you are last to act.

1. Not really. If really deep or there are a lot of people in the pot then sometimes but generally this is a raise or fold situation. If the table is so loose/passive that raising won't cut down on the people in the pot then fold to begin with.

2. It can't be terrible but you have to be willing to gamble. Your equity is good enough you would have to call a shove if you raise and you need to be willing to press on the turn.

3. You have little FE at this point after your passive play and your draw doesn't look so hot with only one card to come. Plus the turn bet is bigger. Calling is best with 2 people still in the hand.

4. Not happy when passive guy bets 3 streets but not folding for $70. There are enough worse AX two pair that UTG+1 can be betting and he can be making a blocking bet to head off larger bets. This is a situation where you can do better if you know more about villain. There are some super nits where you could find a fold when they bet all 3 streets into multiple opponents and some stations you can raise when they bet small on river.
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Old 10-10-2017, 08:47 PM   #3
old hand
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Re: A few interesting spots

^action is extremely hard to looks like UTG+1 bets flop and BB c/r and then BTN bets turn and then UTG+1 bets the river so it’s not the same guy betting 3 streets
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Old 10-11-2017, 05:05 AM   #4
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Re: A few interesting spots

Sorry, edited post flop action:

Pot: 43


BB (tight villain) checks
Utg1 (passive villain) bets 14
Btn (Hero) calls 14
BB (Tight V) c/r to 28
Utg1 (passive V) calls 28
Hero calls 28

Pot: 127


Both check
Hero bets 50
Both call

Pot: 277


Bb (tight V) checks
Utg1 (passive V) bet 70
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Old 10-11-2017, 06:08 AM   #5
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Re: A few interesting spots

Crying call, lose to random 5.
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Old 10-11-2017, 08:10 AM   #6
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Re: A few interesting spots

I read that wrong the first time, I though UTG+1 had bet turn. You betting turn is OK but I would often just check. The pot is bloated because of the flop accident and you have 2 opponents. Betting enough to get FE will be expensive and there is a good chance one of them has you beat.
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Old 10-14-2017, 09:21 AM   #7
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Re: A few interesting spots

Looks like a blocking bet to me. Probably should have bet more on turn(@80$)or just checked. AP I call here expecting to win over 25% of the time.
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