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Facing a 3bet preflop in 1-2

Hero: Late 20s white guy. I have shown down exactly one hand which lost to a set. People have been giving my bets credit and I've been picking up a lot of small pots on the flop or even preflop. I've been playing fairly tight (I open about 15% unless I'm in late position or a blind) and aggressive, raising nearly every time I enter a pot.

Villain: early 20s white guy. He's pretty loose, limping fairly frequently but also raising some hands preflop. This guy has been talking strategy at the table. At one point he mentions that "he hasn't 3bet nearly at all" and a few rounds later he does in fact 3bet to ~$30 preflop against an initial small raise (I think it was $8 or something). When everyone folds he proudly tables ATs. At one point the table talk turns to bluffs and he mentions that he doesn't believe cbets count as bluffs. He's cbet every single hand he's raised preflop. He's a couple seats to my right. He's had a couple of beers. We have some history going into the hand.

Early on, I had KK utg and raised to $10. It came around to him and he raised to $30. I was sitting on about $120 and shoved. He open folded JJ.

Later on, he raises and I call otb with a suited K8 (this is a bit loose of a call. I was just trying to play lots of hands against this guy since he has a big stack and plays his hands face up). Board comes 923r and he c-bets like always. I decide to float and take the pot away with a bet on the turn after he checks (turn was a 6). I felt this was a good place to bluff because since he limps a bunch of hands preflop, his raising range is more narrow than if he raised all hands preflop, and it's much less likely he has something like 22, 33, 45s, T9, 98, etc. I think he would have just limped with those. I also think he continues to bet his pairs on the turn, so when he checks he is just giving up.

This guy starts complaining that I'm pushing him around. It's not exactly right - he's just limping tons of hands and whenever I enter the pot I raise, so from his position it seems that way.


Hero has effective stack of $300, villain covers by a lot.

Hero opens with A5s in early position for $10.
folds around to villain.
Villain 3bets to $30 in the BB.
Pot is $41.

Do we have a 4bet bluff here?

On the one hand, a 3bet in live poker is nearly always nutted.

On the other hand, we've seen this guy not only 3bet ATs, but also we've seen him lay down JJ preflop. A wider 3betting range + the fact that he's folding pretty strong hands seems to indicate he's likely folding a large portion of the time here. He's also been complaining about our raising, so it's possible he's just trying to push back in this spot with junk. If we do 4bet, we can fold when he shoves (assuming he's not bluffing any 5bet shoves). When he calls, we're in position and can shove whenever we pick up equity and he checks to us preflop.

what are your thoughts?
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Re: Facing a 3bet preflop in 1-2

I just call, getting a great price IP. This is a great hand to 4 bet bluff, but not all the time. Don't overdo it, you just 4 bet the guy, he 3 bet your UTG open, seems like a good time to see a flop IP.
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Re: Facing a 3bet preflop in 1-2

for that price and being in position I prefer a call

a5 suited plays to well post flop

if stacks were bigger I could get with a 4 bet

if he went bigger which he should do being OOP with these stack sizes I would just fold

if we do call and flop an ACE and he checks to use I check back with a lot of frequency for pot control and just to balance

for this specific hand I think a call is good that price is to small and we have position
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