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Old 10-23-2017, 12:30 PM   #1
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Extracting more value?

Played a hand yesterday in a 1/3 game. I was in the Hi-jack with QJ , action starts with a limp from the utg+2, this was a loose aggressive player. lo-jack folds. I raise to 16. gets folded to the button, another loose player, who just calls. Folded around to utg+2 who calls.

flop comes 9 8 10 .

utg+2 checks, I check, Button raises to 40. utg+2 moves all in for about 110. I only call. I put the utg+2 player on a hand some sort of straight or flush draw just hoping to win the hand there being that she was so short stacked. The Button player calls as well.

Turn comes K

I raise to 175. I have about 250 left behind. Button calls.

River comes A

I have the nuts. I think about checking but being that this player was calling so many hands post flop and he only had about 200 left behind, I felt that he already was pot committed so he might have had a set or two pair, a hand with some showdown value. I elect to move all in. He tanks and eventually folds. I win the side pot and the main pot, who flopped a smaller straight with 6 7 off. Looking for advice on whether the bet on the river was too big, or whether I should've checked it to him, or if I really played the hand correctly.
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Re: Extracting more value?

You played the hand fine. It’s likely he was on a flush draw and folded because he didn’t hit
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Re: Extracting more value?

First off, the best position in poker is being able to evaluate if you won the maximum, lol, don't lose sight of that.
If my maths right, the pot was around 750? In that case, he's carried it all the way against two players sticking it all out there. If he didn't think he was beat on the turn (going by your set/2P theory) then the river shouldn't change that. I'd be more inclined to put him on a diamond draw, which Is why he checked turn and river. River comes, he missed his draw, and that's it.
The long and short of it, if he thought he had it on the turn, he'd call pretty much any river bet including your all in, I think he just missed and conceded.

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Re: Extracting more value?

Well played. This can be all sorts of pair + straight draw or pair + flush draw or random combo draws.
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Dream Crusher
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Re: Extracting more value?

LMAO @ checking this flop. You definitely played this hand quite poorly.
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Re: Extracting more value?

I would just overlimp. Table sounds like it might be a little loose so it's unlikely a raise from the HJ (4 people still to react, 2 of which have position on us) is likely to isolate the guy we're attempting to isolate. On top of that, do we really want to build a big pot against an aggro player, even in position? Who's better at the game of chicken here; him or us? I just overlimp and play a small pot preflop and decide postflop whether I want to play a big pot. I also just noticed this guy's stack size; even though he's loose, is he really limp/calling enough dominated hands where we can comfortably shove commit postflop with TP (which we'll have to do in a raised pot)?

Sigh, I guess I should read ahead before responding, as this flop looks like this might be simply leading up to a bad beat story?

Anyhoo, just PSB the fop. Board is drawy as hell, almost every card in the deck will kill action, etc. I might even attempt to simply target short aggro loose player by simply overshoving his small stack of $110. Really hate checking but we got lucky that Button bet.

As played, we're too deep against the Button to be fooling around here. I reraise. Next time post stack sizes on the streets so we have a better idea. I'd typically raise an amount that would offer poor 2:1 odds for Button to call.

Next time put pot size on each street so we know what size of the pot we're betting. Looks like we're betting about a 1/2 PSB? I'd probably bet larger.

So what, he has about $200 left in a $600 pot on the river? Kinda a gross runout for two pair hands, although a set is unlikely to fold. But then a set probably would got more in on the flop. There's a decent side pot he might bluff at. The more calling station / passive he is, the more I shove; the more foldy / aggro he is, the more I check to induce a worse hand to value bet / a busted draw to bluff.

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Re: Extracting more value?

Originally Posted by Dream Crusher View Post
LMAO @ checking this flop. You definitely played this hand quite poorly.
Jesus. I didn't see that OP was raiser pre-flop. You're 100% correct. Bet flop, OP.
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