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Expanding 3bet ranges

Pretty generic question, but just curious about general thoughts on 3betting a wider range to get more action on premium hand 3bets.
What hands do you consider on the lower end of your 3bet range?
I have been experimenting with 3betting more with hands like 7-8s, 8-9s, even the odd 4-5s. Results have been mixed, but this is really more about creating a less tight image for good regs that I often play in my games.
Do you think there’s more merit to 3betting these hands IP most often or should I mix it in OOP as well the odd time?
Please only comment if you have good results/experience doing the above.
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Re: Expanding 3bet ranges

Remember, one of the biggest leaks of live players is that they call too much. This means we'd still prefer hands that can showdown more often than not, or at least barrel with equity more often than not.

*in general* this makes sc poorer candidates for 3betting. It makes linear 3betting much more appealing. Linear means a smoother range, like going down the line of your range of hands. Hands like ATs, QJs, 99, etc. These hands can flop huge and usually have equity, as opposed to 45s which really needs to hit specific gin flops.

I kind of chuckle to myself when I see people flat QJs otb but later 3bet 67s from MP. QJs otb is a monster and you should get a boner when you see it.

Other factors to consider are how deep stacks are and position. We want to be ip and we want to be deep when we are getting silly with 3bets.
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Re: Expanding 3bet ranges

Right, these are all good points, especially the leak of live players calling too much.
I definitely don’t get too wide with my 3!ing unless I’m 200+bb’s.
4-5s is a pretty extreme example of what I’m on about and I’ve only done it a few times and have probably broke even or so in these hands (with none going to showdown though, which is kinda ironically my goal for image purposes). I only do it under pretty ideal circumstances with lots of perceived dead money up for grabs.
I think you’re right about the linear 3! range idea and maybe I’m taking it a step too far, but I do like the idea of mixing in the odd 3! with 8-9s against solid players in my game who are open raising often and give me lots of credit when I 3! them.
I’m really just hoping to get a few of these hands to showdown to get it in good regs minds that I’ll 3! them lighter than they assume.

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