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Live Low-stakes NL Discussion of up to 3/5 live no-limit, pot-limit and spread-limit Texas Hold'em poker games, situations and strategies.

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Discussion of medium stakes euro game. Bluff or not to bluff is the question.

So i usually play medium stakes with so much better(usa) players than here in euro zone.
From my session yesterday i saw a loose passive and bad aggressive players, some how the regs were winnets there probably because of the bad aggressive style vs euro donks. They would not win in a typical vegas 2/5, 5/10 game i guarantee it.
1) This hand even might have been a read based but still an example for you guys.
Quick story: like in all hhs coming everybody has 120-300bb.
Whale limps mp, i iso on the btn with q9s to 5bb. Regish from the button calls and fishy also obviously :-).
Flop landed k48r i shoot 60% regish calls. As i rep everything and he will 3bet all ak hands he doesnt have it ever. Anyway a boring runout and i barrel to the end where he calls me down with aq high. Well, lol. Up to that point i might have 3bet over the average but nothing else crazy i havent done.
2) loose passive thinking i think regish limps and whale also i iso at co with AsJx to 6bb btn the reg from last hand calls and both limpers also.
Flop is a beatiful QsTx3s and first limper leads 5bb into 24ish. I know he has a set/2 pair, and if i hit my gutshot i will get his stack(130bb) or a 3rd spade comes il make him fold with barrels. Fish folds, i call and btn also calls.
Turn is a perfect low spade and 39bbs in the pot.
Limper checks and i see the scaref face of a set/2 pair, oh yes i will make you fold is in my mind. The btn to my left might have a f.draw but he will also have so many q8/7t whatever type of hands hes gonna fold now(lol at ranges, welcome to europe). I bet 25 bb into 39, btn fold and limper thinks with the.disgusted face.for a while and calls.
River a random nr. He checks and im sure he will fold the hands he has. I bet 60bb into 90sh and he thinks forever and calls with 33 say what goes on in my mind.
Cant i really bluff here, am i just getting busted this session, do i have a epic tell(Prob not, my wife is also at the table she would notice), up to that point ive been 3betting a lot atleast 20times which up to that point is around 10% this in his eyes might make me a crazy man and this view also carries to post flop game in his eyes.
There wad many of these instances last night, i pretty much didnt have a value hand for 7hrs but perfect bluffing oppurtunities came up. I only had kk once but my image made the regish btn from the last hand put in his 210bb with his 5bet shove with ak/q,qq,jj and i snapped. Didnt see his hand because i was oop and pre ai, stupid rules i know.
So this is up for.discussion can you bluff here or nit it up post flop. Prr 3bet is fine, a lot of abusing to be done therr, they open so bad.
Thanks for any input
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