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Old 02-08-2014, 04:13 AM   #1
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Did I abort this overpair shove? 1/3

I recently started playing no limit (used to play limit all the time) and have been struggling a bit with the transition, specifically putting people on ranges. I recently played this hand and I am trying to figure whether I made a good play or whether my tilt led me to minimize my value by betting too much.

I had just moved to the main game with players I didn't recognize and this was the third hand so unfortunately I didn't have any good reads. I had $230 and Villain 1 had me covered. V1 opened from UTG+1 to 15 and had two callers in middle position. I looked down at QQ from the CO and decided to try a squeeze play by raising to $45. (Is this proper bet sizing? With position should I have flatted?)

SB raised all in to $72 total V1 called, UTG+2 called, putting himself all in and UTG+3 folded. With the pot close to $300 I called leaving me with $150 behind. Should I have just gone all in? (I was thinking the guy could only call if he had me beat and quite frankly I was on tilt-because I had been losing)

The flop came:
245 ($300)-two were suited
V1 led $40. Thinking that this was a sign of weakness I shoved. He tanked for a minute then folded to the $110 raise.

At the time I thought I was bluffing but have now realized it was highly unlikely he was folding AA or KK. So then I started thinking that I was getting him to fold A suited draws. However, I may have just gotten him to fold a medium pair and instead my fear of losing made me fail too maximize value.

Hopefully, this wasn't too long but I'm genuinely confused about this hand-I liked the outcome but I feel like my thought process was awful.
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Re: Did I abort this overpair shove? 1/3

I would raise it to 60-65. As played, SB went all in so it didn't really matter. I'm calling preflop though after all that money is in there. I would also shove flop after the 40 bet with 110 behind.

What's the problem?
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Old 02-08-2014, 04:47 AM   #3
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Re: Did I abort this overpair shove? 1/3

Thanks for the feedback. I'm still grappling with the fundamentals-particularly bet sizing. The last few days I've been overplaying big pocket pairs so wanted to get a check on that (I've been fairly cavalier about the absolute value of the chips-whereas it seems most players' bet sizing tells you a lot).

How did you pick 60-65? Slightly more than pot size?
Would you have still shoved if the flop bet was bigger say $75 or so? What about if it had hit more of villains range?

As I was reviewing the hand I started thinking I was probably pot committed as soon as it got so big. I guess if an A had come on the flop I might have been able to fold but otherwise, getting 4 to 1 $(150 to win $600), I'm in it until the end. And at that point I just wonder if there's a reason to get it all in PF or force the original raiser to fold.
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Your reads were all over the place. Dont worry though, you will pick up on no limit players' tendencies the more you play. For example, when you correctly put him as weak on flop, you should not hestitate to shove there. Know why you are shoving. It's for value and not as a bluff because they rarely have aa/kk there. You actually maxmized your value and saved yourself from having to fade draws. 110 more wasnt that bad of a price for a lot of hands to chase.

Also, it was not a squeeze play if you actually had a huge hand. You are trying to iso and get value. Never flat there unless you know V's early opening range there is nitty and reps minimum JJ. I would 3bet here to at least 65 because of the callers (it should seem to you that the table is quite loose at this point).

Aaand thats all i can think of for now.

Edit: one more thing to mention: so there a bunch of shorties at the table, i didnt think you could raised all in pre flop coud you? As the all in wasnt enough to reopen action.

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Re: Did I abort this overpair shove? 1/3

Thanks for the encouraging words. I look forward to contributing in the not too distant future.
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