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Call All-In OTR or Fold?

Villain is a Kenyan/Nigerian/or other national from Africa in his late 40s. He is a fundamentally weak player and a gambler that seems to chase losses to break even. He is a recreational player. Iíve seen this guy hold his seat after busting 3 times only to go to the ATM and withdraw more money in an attempt to get back to even. Iíve seen him call cbets OOP with a gutshot without the proper odds, make a $200max bet after his two pair gets counterfeited OTR, and open/call with a wide range.

Hero is having a losing session at the time of this hand. Heís tightened up with his losing image.

Live $2/$4 Full Ring Cash Game at Oaks (200maximum bet or raise on top with $400 max buy-in and $5 drop)


Villain is MP with $600
Hero is BTN with $295

Pre-Flop: ($6) Hero is BTN with QQ
MP calls $4, CO calls $4, Hero raises to $30, blinds folds, MP calls $26, CO folds

Flop: 7JJ ($65, 2 players)
V checks, H bets $40, V calls $40

Turn: 8 ($145, 2 players)
V checks, H bets $100, V calls $100

River T ($345, 2 players)
V puts H all-in for $125, Hero?

Do I call here getting a little under 4:1 or fold? I am close to my stop-loss and will only have $125 to play with if I fold. Am I good here at least 20% of the time? Considering Vís image, is this a crying call here?
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Re: Call All-In OTR or Fold?

Considering his image, and the pot odds I'd say yes call it off, you are probably good here more than a 1/4 of the time, if your reads on him are correct.

His line is certainly strong, but his range still may be pretty wide, given the fact you've seen him willing to call big bets and bluff, it's a call.
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Re: Call All-In OTR or Fold?

I mean, it's pretty much the nut worst run out.

Give me a range of hands that he calls with on the flop and on the turn and then tell me how you do against that range on the river.

I think there are a lot of stupid hands that we can pretend are in his range on the river but some of them won't really make sense on the flop for him to call with. I'd be inclined to fold the river. I mean, what can he really be betting here?

I mean, I should correct my self. I'd puke on the table first, ask the dealer why he/she doesn't like me anymore, and then fold and say I was bluffing. And ask the V if my straight draw was good with AK. And hope to induce a show.

Edit: There are busted spades to consider as well, and I saw a guy just yesterday ship his last $50 into a $450 pot on the river with a busted flush draw. And I respect him for not giving up like so many other fish do, but it was still stupid and he's never getting a fold. So, I guess that's possible too, but it's just not as likely IMO. And some of those busted spades are 9X I dunno, I'd just fold.
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