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adam levine
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Re: bottom set on AT8

Can i ask you this? If you are raising this board and he can't call with worse or fold better...are you turning bottom set into a bluff?....Do you have any check raise-bluffs vs a nits perceived utg range on this board.
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Re: bottom set on AT8

I don't mind the way the hand was played, I probably check flop a lot too, donking seems strange to me somehow, we risk a scary turn card (less than half of deck I guess K, Q, J, 9, 7, safe cards being 2-6, 8, T, A). The open, call, raise line is super nutted imo from a nitty player but if there's any chance he does this with AT then I think it's a shove. Set over set happens and is apart of the game fortunately/unfortunately. I don't like the raise OTF though... guy who put in 40$ will fold draws/1P hands which make up most of his range IMO and PFR will probably call. Overall I'd probably rely on reads now and lean towards folding as I'd hate to get stacked at this depth with set over set.
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