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Old 03-15-2018, 04:37 AM   #1
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bluff shove here?

very tight image. have folded to pressure previously.
2/5 game many regs. 400 effective stack. open for 35 with AK suited after two limpers in mp. utg 3bets 105 limpers fold. I call.... flop Q 10 4 one in suit. gut shot two overs back door flush draw. I block AA and KK QQ blocked by board. but he could have these.
I shove semi bluff.... bad move? check call better? I think check call is the better play in hind site.
he had KK I failed to improve
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Old 03-15-2018, 07:44 AM   #2
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Re: bluff shove here?

Utg limp raise is usually an indication of a premium pair here (KK, AA and maybe but unlikely QQ). How much did he bet out on the flop? I probably fold on the flop to be honest. If your image really is tight And he's limp raising from there then you have to think he's got a hand too good to fold.

It's unlikely he does that with AQ, JJ or any other hand that you can get to fold with a bluff shove. The only hand he could 3b fold (but I doubt based on your image) is AK which you block.
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Re: bluff shove here?

That move is very transparent. Ive snapped this kind of shove off with things like 99 before.

Unless you are a reg who has been seen making that same move with QQ/TT (which are the only big hands you can have in this spot)...then nobody is going to believe you. Most people would never make that play with QQ/TT because they are afraid villain will fold.

PS...heres another example of a limp/reraise that stacks someone and everyday I still hear people say the limp/reraise doesnt work because your hand is face up.
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