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Best and worst non-A non-K non-gutshot flops for AKo

What are the best flops for AKo (other than flops containing an A, K, or QJ, QT, or JT) assuming AKo is preflop 3-bettor?

Also, what are the worst flops for AK in this situation (other than monotone boards).

I always wondered this because it is hard for me to decide what flops to barrel on when checked to, or when out of position, with AK on a board I don't hit.

I assume best non-hit flops to continue on would be dry disconnected rainbow flops such holding a Q or a J, such as Q53r or J92r. Or monotone flops containing the suit of your A. Maybe also paired flops with the paired card being high, such as QQ3r or TT9r. That way, you can rep trips or an overpair, and your opponent is less likely to have a good hand.

But now I'm thinking maybe a rainbow flop is not best. With a two-tone flop, your opponent may continue with a flush draw. On rainbow flops, your opponent is likely to only continue with top pair or better.

Worst would obviously be monotone flops whose suit you don't hold and straighy flops such as T98.

But maybe these types of flops aren't the worst, since your opponent could continue with high flush draws on monotone flops and straight draws on connected flops.
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Re: Best and worst non-A non-K non-gutshot flops for AKo

Best would be no FD, not connected boards with a Broadway card, because villain will miss so much that we'll print by c betting. I.e. Q72r.

Worst would be connected and/or straight possiblity boards with middle cards. I know you mentioned T98 monotone, so boards like 987, 876, 765, etc.
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Re: Best and worst non-A non-K non-gutshot flops for AKo

If your opponents are only continuing with top pair or better you should bet 100% of flops. In practice this never happens (and it shouldn't, only continuing with top pair or better is a horrible strategy).

I think the majority of weak to mediocre regs actually overplay AK and c-bet it too frequently on bad flops, or into too many players. That's because they play "tight" and think AK is a premium hand and they think they're entitled to win with it, which isn't really the case.

The short answer is that most flops without an A or K are bad for AKo, but the flops that are "good" for it to bluff with are flops that are unlikely to hit other players, such as unconnected paired flops. But those flops are basically good for any two cards and not for AKo specifically. Q53 may look good, but if there are 3 or more players you're actually going to run into top pair fairly often, not to mention hands like 76 and 65 are probably not going to fold and you'll often lose the pot to those hands if you don't get a favorable turn. J92 is really terrible, the J and 9 give two cards for someone to hit a decent pair and lots of straight draws. You're not even really sure if you want to hit the K there.

The strength of AK is that it's the only hand (besides AA) where you feel good about having one pair on most run outs. Most players lose with it trying to win on bad run outs (they raise, get two callers, burn money betting on a 965 flop).
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Re: Best and worst non-A non-K non-gutshot flops for AKo

Do you mean good for c-betting or good for our equity/EV?

Something like 222 is probably best for our raw equity. It's basically a value hand there.
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Re: Best and worst non-A non-K non-gutshot flops for AKo

It all depends on how many Vs are in the hand, what positions they are in, how they play and what the preflop action is. Betting solely based on flop texture isn't wise, but generally speaking, flops that aren't exciting are good candidates to generate a lot of FE.
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