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Live Low-stakes NL Discussion of up to 3/5 live no-limit, pot-limit and spread-limit Texas Hold'em poker games, situations and strategies.

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***Best of LLSNL***

"I love all of the posts that say disregard everthing I did before I got check raised all in on the river and just tell me what to do now. Its like, “hey Dad its me billy and im in jail. Don’t ask me why I got drunk (standard). Don’t ask me why I drove (yawn). Don’t ask me how my car ended up in a 7-11 (meh). Just tell me how to keep from getting buttfuqqed tonight.

The truth is the beginning of the hand is the MOST important part…BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Just like w/ 9 ball every shot sets up the next shot(s)."
- Limon 4/10/2009 Taken From High Stakes PL/NL

Hopefully these threads will help you set up your next shot. I give to you the best of LLSNL.

  1. Concepts of the Month (links to all the past COTMs) -LLSNL Collection
  2. Home, Home on the Range. Adjusting to Ranges. -Avaritia
  3. What are you Implying? ..a thread about implied odds -bip!
  4. Is LLSNL Becoming a Fish Tank? Key Concepts You Need to Understand -dgiharris
  5. The Path to Profit in Live Play??? -dgiharris
  6. Entitlement (how people spew and what to dew) -DK Barrel
  7. LOL, so you think you have a TAG image? -ikestoys
  8. Cleaning House at Live 1/2 and 2/5 NL -kablooey
  9. 9999th Post: Beyond Basics; Playing ABCD Poker -mpethybridge
  10. Some tips for the OL players coming to LLSNL games -Percula
  11. Elements of a winning sslnl player -Percula
  12. Crazy Ramblings -Princess Azula
  13. DR and GR -Princess Azula
  14. How To Crush Small-Stakes Live NL -Riverman
  15. Reciprocality @ LLNL -Setsy
  16. Poker as a Rock/Paper/Scissors -Setsy
  17. Serious Discussion on 3betting AK pf -Sol Reader
  18. 10,000 Post: Rants and Ramblings about LLSNL -the machine
  19. Venice's NLHE Brain Teaser -venice10
  20. Moderator's Rant: Winning Poker and More Ranting -venice10
  21. Staying Ahead of the Curve -venice10
  22. How to 'Bet the Max' -wWizardG
  23. Slowplaying and the "Protection Mentality"-CallMeVernon
  24. Why does everyone keep saying "fold pre" when I'm asking about what to do post flop?-Pokersevil
  25. Limping preflop at LLSNL-ChrisV
  26. Playing against the pre-flop reraising thief-six2ofclubs

Hand Histories:
  1. Ad2d 1/2 NL SB -AcePlayerDeluxe
  2. KQhh SB -AcePlayerDeluxe
  3. Shark in your small pond. Playing a skilled LAG who's waiting for a bigger game. -derick
  4. *NG*(means delete your response!) - $1/$2 - Call 3bet OOP w/QQ vs. Aggro-Reg - Flop: AQ9r
  5. $2/$5 Spot vs Solid villain -KyddDynamite
  6. The PAHWM Content Thread -LLSNL Collection
  7. Top Two v. Loose Passive Fish -mpethybridge
  8. 2/5 Wynn. Deep. Pressure from a Reg. -orensi
  9. Live 1/2 74s OTB -s.boxer
  10. 2/5 350Bbs deep, superwet board -smokingrobot
  11. Hate These Spots, TPGK, No Idea Where I Am At, 5/5 NL -ThatsHowSheGoes
  12. Best river ever... What now? -paratrooper99

  1. 1/2 - The old argument of why raise so much... -AcePlayerDeluxe
  2. LATB Sweat Containment Thread -AcePlayerDeluxe
  3. What are the odds? Ask and bip! will answer... -bip!
  4. Interview with squid face about poker and teh live gambool (Discussion Thread) -bob_124 and squidface
  5. Putting opponents on hand ranges -D Fisher
  6. Stop Playing Poker Like a Slot Machine -Ed Miller Article Discussion
  7. The pitfalls of changing styles -darrick
  8. Live Hand Template -FoldnDark
  9. Starting hands in UTG (Reader Beware) -LLSNL Chat Thread
  10. ***LLSNL Invades LV Trip Report Thread*** -LLSNL Collective
  11. Studying Poker -LuckyAceFour
  12. mpethy's Live Poker Trip Report and Analysis Thread -mpethybridge
  13. Recommended Reading List -Percula
  14. Something to help improve your memory -Percula
  15. Lessons from 2p2 applied at 1/2. (for beginners) -Pokersevil
  16. Maniacs Are Digesting My Bankroll - Tips for handling hyperlags? -Phulhouze
  17. PSA: Robert's Rules of Poker -venice10
  18. Let's Define Some Terms -venice10

Wells: (mod note: If you want to create a well you must get approval)
  1. 6200th post: You shouldn't play for a living -ashley12
  2. Pooh-Bah Post: Psych, Story, and Well (tl;dr) -Garick
  3. A clueless noob reaches 1000 hours of live 1/3 NL -gobbledygeek
  4. The Miamicheats Pooh-Bah post and potential Well -miamicheats
  5. Well: "A Fistfull Of Dollars" (the MWNN spares the innocents) -stampler

Hot Links:
  1. Chat Thread***
  2. *** Official Winrates, bankrolls, and finances ***
  3. Not Quite Threadworthy--Low Stress Strat Questions
  4. *** Official LLNL BBV OMGWTFBBQ what a hand! thread ***
  5. ***LLSNL Forum Games***
  6. Live At The Bike Sweat Containment Thread
  7. Guest Thread: FlatTireSuited's guide for Online guys transitioning to Live (posted in Brick and Mortar, but pertains greatly to LLSNL)
  8. Common LLSNL Abbreviations

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