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Bad spot?

1/2 nl

villain 1: Middle aged Asian lady with tendency to chase all draws. Just doubled up her short stack calling all in with a straight draw and hit. Couple hands before that she called me 2 streets and folded river on a board where I flopped a flush and she showed ace of the suit on board.

villain 2: Middle aged male who usually turned over donk hands to scoop pots. Typically raised with moderate to strong holdings after he flop and would show them. Only real hand i saw of note with him was him re raising flop and turn huge with tptk on a scary board and calling a huge river bet for a split pot lol. Seems to be having fun, talks about how bad he plays and straddles every chance he gets.

Hand has an active straddle to 4. Straddler isn't a concern he has never raised his straddle or even called a raise yet straddles every chance he gets.

Hero ($320) in the big blind with 10 6, action is folded to v1 ($80) in cutoff who calls 4, v2 ($350) calls 4 on button, sb folds, I call 2 (which was probably my first mistake) and straddler checks like expected.

Flop ($16): 10 6 8

Hero bets $12, straddler folds, v1 calls, v2 raises to 30.


Given his previous tptk hand this felt like the same situation with possible high card diamond though I figured that's what V1 is calling with.
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Re: Bad spot?

Folding pre flop is not a mistake. I would call the flop raise and proceed from there, I don't think you get value from many worse hands if you reraise and nothing better ever folds.
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