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Was this a bad all in?

Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and relatively new to poker in general, still playing low stake tournaments without much success and some low stakes cash games.

The other day I was at a tournament, level was 1000/2000 with 300 ante. I was SB with A9s, sitting on just over 10BB (about 21k in chips). UTG+2 opens to about 4200 (he was sitting on about 50-55k I think), its folded round to me, I think about it for a bit and decide to shove. Folded round back to him and after a long time thinking he decides to call.

He turns over 93s (spades) and long story short he rivers a flush and beats me.

Now would you say that was a bad all in on my behalf? I felt quite upset at the time as I thought he shouldn't have called with that. What do you guys think?
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Re: Was this a bad all in?

This forum is for low stakes cash not tournaments.

I would suggest you concentrate on cash or tournaments until you are better. They are different enough that many people can't play both and trying to learn both at the same going to be very hand.

This hand is a good example. In a tournament your shove with a short stack and a decent hand is fine. Villain shouldn't have been opening his hand but calling might have been correct. In cash this would have been terrible play all around.
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Re: Was this a bad all in?

Welcome to the forums, OP. As QuadJ said, this isn't the right forum for this hand. Feel free to repost in the appropriate tournament poker forum (see forum listings on the left) for the buy-in amount. When you do, please don't post the results of the hand, as it biases people's responses. Just get up to where you had your decision and stop.

Something like: UTG+2 opens to 2.1BB, folds around to Hero in SB with A9s. Hero ??
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