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Paolo C
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AA v flush draw

NL 2/3 100-500

Hero ($400) AsAc UTG +2. Villain ($600) somewhat loose somewhat aggressive in button.

Folds to hero who raises to $20. MP calls V calls.

Flop ($62) 4d9d4h

Hero checks. MP checks. V bets $45. Hero raises to $120. MP folds V calls.

Turn ($202) 10d.

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Poet Laureate of LLSNL
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Re: AA v flush draw

I typically limp/reraise preflop and with this guy on the Button there is even less reason to fall in love with raising preflop, but that's me.

Thanks to preflop, very awkward ugly SPR 6ish OOP to a tough player having given him rather awesome 21+ IO preflop. Yuck result, imo.

I like our flop check. Underreps our hand, induces bluffs, we're totally fine with this flop checking thru and somehow attempting to pot control. Nice, imo.

Not a fan of check/raising at all. We gave this guy 21+ IO to see a flop and stack us, and now we're just going to hurp durp for stacks? We fold out all his bluffs and likely mediocre hands. The only thing this is charging is flush draws, which he rarely has and will rarely hit; putting our stack at risk to do so is just so meh.

We've now gotten ourselves into a situation on the turn we're we've unwittingly committed ourselves (we only have a little over a PSB left) and will likely just have to get stacks in. Given the great IO we gave preflop, in general this is pretty poor.

ETA: Here's something to ponder. With this small SPR of 6ish, stacks will be able to go in quite easily over 3 postflop streets. One way of getting them against this guy is by bet/bet/betting or check/raising then betting. Another way is by passively and weakly check/calling. Keeping in mind we raised preflop, which method is more likely to have us end up showing down the winning hand? What range of hands does he show up with if stacks go in using the first method? And the second?


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Re: AA v flush draw

I like the flop check raise. Keeps the V in line.
I think the simplest way to play this hand against a LAG is to check raise (all in) here on the turn as well. His range is wide and you're ahead of it.
If he checks back turn, then lead river (4th diamond or not).
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: AA v flush draw

Pre is fine.

I just lead flop.

AP if this guy is aggro, probably a good spot to x and call it down unless a 4th diamond hits OTR.
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