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A4 trips

Hi all,

1/3. Passive table. V ($280) is MAWG, haven't played many hands with him except one in which H raised $21 with AA in straddled pot UTG and V called MP. We GII on an Ah-Jh-9d board. V had K9hh and I held.

This hand H ($350) is in CO and limps behind with A4hh. V/BB checks his option. Pot is $12.

Flop: 3d-4c-5c. Checks to H who bets $10. SB and BB call. Pot $42.

Turn: 4s. SB checks, BB bets $30, hero calls, SB folds. Pot $102.

River: Jh. BB bets $75. Hero?

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Re: A4 trips

Easy call.

Your pot odds are roughly 2:1

There are 56 combos of hands that beat you.

There are way more than 28 combos of hands that you beat which would play this way. There are 36 combos of worse 4x, and 3 combos of A4 which chop.

Interesting also to note that the cutoff point where you may want to consider folding is Q4, and probably even lower if the opponent is a weak or spazzy player.

We would have to consider folding 46 in the same spot, since there are just way too many hands that beat us

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Re: A4 trips

Check flop.

Ap pretty nasty spot but with trips top kicker and beating some worse value bets i call
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Re: A4 trips

I'm snap calling here. Maybe I'm just not good enough to get away from this and this is always a boat or a straight, but for 75, I'm willing to bet on a random low stakes spaz factor.
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