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3/5: Tens preflop

V1: Typical young Asian ABC player. $75
V2: Dopey frattish guy. Drinking beer. Flirts with female dealers. Takes forever to take his action. Tank-folds and shows his hand against aggression with 2nd pair. Often throws his cards away in a forceful, frustrated way which exposes his cards. Seems terrible. $275
H: Winning TAG image. $625

4 players limp. H on BTN has 1010 and raises to 45. Blinds fold. V1 in EP shoves for 75. Folded to V2 in CUT who calls. H shoves for 200 more effective.

Reasoning: My hand is strong enough to isolate a limper or two in position, hence the big raise. When V1 shoves with a short stack, I'm happy to play against his limp-shove range for just 30 more, which I'm guessing includes plenty of smaller pockets and overs. Unfortunately, V2 calling makes things more difficult. I'm really not too eager to play a flop with him, since there are very likely to be overcards to my tens, and it's going to be hard to read his hand since he is so terrible. Since he limp-called, I think it's pretty likely I'm ahead of him right now, so I decide to shove. If he folds, fine, his dead money sweetens the pot between me and V1. If he calls, I'll probably be decently ahead of him for the side pot, which I can win even if I lose the main pot to V1.

Was this hand played correctly?
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Re: 3/5: Tens preflop

I prefer $35 the first time around. Rest is fine.
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Re: 3/5: Tens preflop

This is all very standard. Pile in the money while you are ahead of V2's range.
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Well played
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