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2 tough spots with AA, (1) 75BB eff, (2) 200BB eff. $1/3 NL.

Hand 1
Hero: AA. MP. $400 stack.
Villain: MP+2. $227 stack. Played with a few times. Weak player. Sticky, makes lots of bluff bets when checked too. However, haven't noticed a ton of bluff raising.

Preflop: Hero raises to $12. V calls. Folds around.
Flop ($27): K34. Hero bets $20, V calls.
Turn ($67): T. Hero bets $45, V raises to $120 (he had $75 left post raise). Hero?

Hand 2
Hero: AA (can't remember suites). MP. $600 stack.
V1: EP. $250 stack. Huge whale.
V2: EP+1. $800 stack. Decent player. Aggressively raised limps preflop, put in cbets and such, however, did not notice him getting overly aggressive on raises postflop. But he nonetheless seems like a player capable.

Preflop: V1 limps, V2 raises to $12, Hero raises to $35, V1 and V2 call.
Flop ($108): TTJ (rainbow). X, x, Hero bets $40, V1 folds, V2 thinks for a moment then raises to $140, Hero?

For those that say call, what's the plan post that?
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Re: 2 tough spots with AA, (1) 75BB eff, (2) 200BB eff. $1/3 NL.

Hand 1 Call or ship anything but fold. Based on his description he could have any Kx. Make it $15 pre.

Hand 2 must size up 3-bet. $50 bare minimum. I prefer $60.
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