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2 pair on turn fold ever?

I feel like I prob could have folded this one but not sure. Live 1.2 110 stack both villains cover. Utg minraises and I call utg plus 1with aj. I should have rr pre so I know that was prob a mistake as he isnt the tightest player, 1 other caller Pot after rake is 10. Ajk rainbow he leads for 9 I call and guy behind me calls. Turn is a 4 he leads for 34 I call and guy behind me whos tightish gos ai, utg folds and I have I think 62 left to call. I ended up calling thinking q10 would have raised flop probably, maybe he has the same hand or kj or possibly a4, I also have half my stack invested. He did end up showing q10 tho
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Re: 2 pair on turn fold ever?

What sort of range is UTG on for the min raise? If you can't answer that firmly I would fold rather then raise but do one or the other. AJ doesn't play well OOP multiway.

After that folding turn is better then calling against most opponents. Two people have shown strength and the second villain still went all in. A4 and KJ have to be worried about AK/AJ in this situation, QT/JJ are the only likely shoving hands.

Also QT has no reason to raise flop. The pot is small, board is dry and people are betting into him. Better to let them continue and build the pot for him. In this sort of situation waiting till turn or river to raise is normal.
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