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2 flush draws vs tigher opponents: line check

Hand 1:

Villain is an older gentleman who is at least a semi regular player at the casino. You played with him once before and the only concrete hand you remember is when he insta over shoved a 15 raise to 115 with KK from the SB.
You remember him as being a pretty nitty player who periodically will get frustrated and stubborn and refuse to let go of hands he really should. Like TKGK on a very wet board. those types of hands.
Hero is new to the table so will likely be seen as an unknown young white kid.
6 handed. eff stacks of 150sh.
Table has been pretty passive preflop with a fair amount of folds and no 3 bets
Villain limps CO.
Hero, on BTN, has 24 and makes it 12. blinds fold. villain calls.
2 players. 27 in pot.
Villain leads for 20. Hero ???

Hand 2:
Villain is a 20 something year old white kid. He has only been at the table for a round or two but you get the impression that he's too patience for his own good. You think he hovers somewhere between being an ineffective TAG and a standard nit. But again, no real history so this is based mostly on the way he is talking about other hands that are occurring at the table.

Hero has been more active at this table the previous one.

7 handed. eff stacks of 190sh
Same type of passive preflop play as described in Hand 1.
UTG + 1 limps. Hero, on BTN, has Q4 and makes it 13.
Villain in SB calls. UTG + 1 calls.
3 players. 41 in pot.

Check, check, Hero bets 25. Villain calls. UTG+1 folds.
2 players. turn: 3
Villain leads for 40 and has about 110 left after that.

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You have to be really good to make these rio hands profitable. I just fold them pre.

In hand 1 we obviously aren't raising an ace high board against this villain's donk. It's a super thin spot with shallow stacks but we only need this villain to call 33 more for it to be profitable...but I still probably fold it because it's almost the nut low flush draw and we have a villain left to act meaning it's a rio situation. This is the sort of hand I'd like to semibluff against fit or fold opponents when they aren't sticky and there isn't an ace on the board and they are c-betting and we are deeper, but here it's just not a great hand.

Hand 2 is better. We only need to make one more bet and have a gutshot to go with the flush draw. I'd play it the same except for foldin preflop, and now I'm calling the turn.
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Re: 2 flush draws vs tigher opponents: line check

In hand 1, I agree that calling the flop is not a great option.

So is there no fold equity in raising either of these spots?

In hand 2, its true that we picked up more outs when the 3 hit, but its also hard to get paid off as villain will often put us on a 1 card straight or the flush.

So i'm curious what people think about the semi-bluff raise
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