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Re: 2/5 Trivial river call or no?

Originally Posted by DooDooPoker View Post
You donít want to turn hands with showdown value into bluffs or you will be way overbluffing. Any Tx or Jx without a pair would be a bluff candidate before this hand.
That's true generally but what if hero is opening in EP with a tight range he may not have much JX or TX that hasn't hit stronger than TT/JJ by this turn?

QJs/QTs is top pair and JTs is nuts.

That only leaves AJs/ATs/KTs and maybe T9s. Do they routinely cbet flop though? Maybe the ones with BDFDs I suppose.

Also if hero had bet bigger on flop and got called it would be more a bit more clear that he is behind to QX maybe so turning TT into bluff might make more sense than it would as played?

Over bluffing is definitely an issue though. If you turn all TT/JJ AJs and T9s into bluffs so you'd need some way of selecting only a few combos of the pairs OR you'd have to bet 3-streets with some TPTK, overpairs and sets/2-pairs to give you sufficient value hands to allow large number of bluffs within a balanced range.
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Re: 2/5 Trivial river call or no?

I typically call here against described villain. Looks like a well played hand if you called.
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Re: 2/5 Trivial river call or no?

Grunching …

Looks good, though I'd go higher on flop even though we block OESD (JT). ~1/2 PSB. I'd call river with SD value.
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