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2 – 5 NL How do you interpret this speech?

I have been at the table for less than an hour and Villain has been extremely aggressive raising over 50% of the time and only folding preflop a couple of times. I was on his right when he sat down and moved three to his left when a seat opened up. Normally I would stay to the right of a maniac but while he was a maniac preflop he seemed to play well post flop.
I have a little over $700 and villain has me covered substantially. (Max buyin is $800).

Villain is in the BB.

I have T 9 one limp to me I limp planning on calling a raise from Villain and seeing a flop, couple of more limps, Villain raise to $15 which is obviously just a pot sweetener. Everyone calls.

($75) Flop is 8 7 6

Yahtzee! Villain checks, 1st limper bets $30, I pause for a few seconds and raise to $105, folds to Villain who pauses looks at his chips then calls, limper folds.

($315) Turn is Q

Villain pretty quickly bets $215. I am thinking and after about 15 seconds or so, Villain starts talking; “What do you have? Maybe I can help you out.” I don’t say anything and villain keeps talking, finally he says “If you want, call and I’ll check it down on the river.”

Villain’s range here obviously includes a lot of flushes, flush or combo draws and probably very little complete air.

My question is what interpretation do you give to his offer to check the river?
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i finance dead fish
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Re: 2 – 5 NL How do you interpret this speech?

speech is almost always the nuts ime
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