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2/5 - Massive draw vs maniac OOP

Hero on $950 stack and villain covers with $1k.

Villain straddles in MP to $10
Folds around to hero in EP with QJ and I limp.
EP1 limps
Villain raises to $60
Hero flats
EP1 folds

Flop T 9 4 - Pot $130

Hero checks
Villain bets $85

Villain is a LAG/maniac. He bluffs often and big. Straddles a lot and almost always raises the straddle. Plays nearly any two cards from any position. Loves putting people to the test in big pots. Some of the good regs (and pros) seem to consider him a whale. From my personal experience this is a player that we need to let bluff and strap on our seat belts. I think a check-raise is in order here (vs nearly anyone) but particularly against this guy because we can get it in vs 1 pair hands and weaker draws.

Expecting to hear fold pre or just open pre. My default is to fold pre in straddle pots unless I have a premium (to reduce variance). This guy is such a loose maniac though I felt it was worth trying to see a flop with him.
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Re: 2/5 - Massive draw vs maniac OOP

Ya, but you know your gonna have to call a raise preflop OOP.

Raise pre and it is not close.

As played raise is in order. Shoving all turns.


Making and hand and letting him bluff is exactly what he wants your strategy to be most likely. I am lag/borderline maniac at times. I love guys trying to trap and hold on. Even better when board gets scary and I get to see anguish on there face as they call me down light.
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Re: 2/5 - Massive draw vs maniac OOP

I wouldve led into him on the flop and jammed if he raised. That's the only way to realistically get all in on the flop when youre in the best shape with this hand, and if he doesnt raise, you either

1) win with Q high if he folds to the flop bet or
2) he calls your flop bet and you are at the turn with a lot more stack depth to maneuver than you are if you check raise the flop.
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Re: 2/5 - Massive draw vs maniac OOP

Anything other than limping is clearly inferior. By limping we avoid getting 3-bet, better define others' ranges and give the maniac a false initiative.

Why would you raise, mikko? "Having to call a raise OOP" is not a reason not to limp. We end up in the same situation as when we raise.

I'm calling on the flop. Villain likely thinks turns we hit are scare cards.
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