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Live Low-stakes NL Discussion of up to 3/5 live no-limit, pot-limit and spread-limit Texas Hold'em poker games, situations and strategies.

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2/5 - low st8 on paired river/3 flush

2/5 8 handed

V (1k): Standard unknown competent player.

Hero (650): V views as tight/standard.

V raises 15 in EP, folds around to hero in SB and calls w/ 8 7, BB folds.

Flop (35): 9 T J

Hero checks, V checks

Turn (35): 4

Hero looks back at his cards to "check for a spade", thinks for a sec and throws out 20, V thinks for 10 secs and raises to 55, Hero waits about 20 secs then re-raises to 160, V tank calls.

River (355): 9

Hero under bets the river, 150 ...

Its pretty obv that V has the A or K of spades in his hand. Do you like checking to maybe induce a bluff? What hands could he have that we beat that will call us here? AJ/KK/AA he initially tried to pot control?. AQ/AK is never calling. ??? thoughts
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Re: 2/5 - low st8 on paired river/3 flush

On the turn, I'd bet much larger. If he has just a spade + an inside straight draw he's getting around the right immediate odds to call if you only bet ~1/2 pot. If we assume he'd mostly c-bet flop with flush draws, an overbet on the turn can even be fine.

As played, just call turn. If river is a non-spade, nonKing, and non-Queen, check/call any size river bet. If river is a non-spade King or Queen, check and sometimes call sometimes fold depending on sizing.
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