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Live Low-stakes NL Discussion of up to 3/5 live no-limit, pot-limit and spread-limit Texas Hold'em poker games, situations and strategies.

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2/5 - JJ OOP on Q high board

Just after midnight - Monday night, 9 handed, 2/5 (Treat it like $3/$6)

Table has couple of 6 regs including hero + 3 fish.

Hero (1800) - Chinese early 30s in hoodie and a scarf. Sat down just over 1.5 hours ago with 400 after busting a 220 buyin tournament deep into day 2. Initially went on 1/2, but saw the fish on 2/5 and jumped right on. Spin it up to this stack with some good play + fortune (See hands below)

V1 (350) - Mid 50s extremely overweight rich lady, calls with any two preflop and can bluff sometimes, but tonight mostly check/call or check/fold.

V2 (600) - Mids 50s Local guy, crazy loose pre/ post. (See hands below)

V3 (1500) - Competent grinder in mid 30s, not played with him before and he has been unlucky tonight.


Previous Hands

1. First hand when I sat down, found TT in SB after buying BTN. V2 raised to 15 with 100 behind from CO, BTN call. We made it 90. V2 jams. BTN folds. Hero calls. Board runs out 8997x. V2 cracked my pair with J9ss

2. Hero found AKo in sb (Had about 300), 3bet V2's open to 80, heads up, flop AJxcc, hero Cbet and take down.

3. Hero (450) calls V3 opens to 15 with 55 in UTG+1, 3 more callers, V2 then squeeze ALL IN to 180, V3 folds, we calls, everyone else folds. Board was AJTT5, V3 had nothing, we then showed our boat.

4. V3 opens BTN KTo on BTN, Hero defends KJ in sb. Flop KTx, Btn bets small, Hero calls. Turn J, Btn barrels, Hero calls. River K, btn barrels, Hero C/R. Btn calls. Pot was about 800 in the end.

5. Best player (V4) on table straddled to 10, we are on BTN, 2 limpers, Hero limps with AK, V1 calls in BB, V4 made it 75, a crazy gambling businessman (V5) calls 75. Hero (1000) makes it 300 to go. V4 tank fold. V5 calls. Flop J86. Chk Chk. Turn 7. V5 bets 175 with 500 behind. Hero Jams 700. V5 folds JT.


To the hand.

UTG - Hero
MP - V1
BTN - V2
BB - V3

Hero opens JJ to 20, V1 calls, V2 calls on, V3 completes.

FLOP (82) : Q82

V3 checks, Hero decides to check Only Qx will call under my current image, V1 checks, V2 checks.

Turn (82): 6

V3 checks, Hero checks again, V1 bets 50, V2 calls 50, HERO?

Things I have already considered

- We are getting 3.5:1 with a hand that beats almost everything but Qx
- We are OOP and I cannot call another bet on river.
- How often I am good against a loose passive old lady bet and a loose passive call on the btn

Given this is only a small pot but I would like to know the following

- How often we need to be right for calling turn to be profitable?
- Same question as above, but calling turn and river.
- What range can you give to both players to show calling is profitable?
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Re: 2/5 - JJ OOP on Q high board

Hand 3 and Hand 5 are played speewy as hell. Raise pre in hand 5 to isolate the limpers to 55.
The other hands are somewhat so-so .. calling KJo out of the small blind isn`t to good as well ..

Onto the hand:

bet the flop smallish .. like 40

as played:
bet the turn after it was checked around OTF

you obv call the 50 and hope for a cheap showndown.
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