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Re: 2/5 Caesar's, Top two with silly action

Originally Posted by Garick View Post
V2 has only been here for a few minutes. While he likely realizes that V1 is playing too many hands, he has not yet seen the overbet lead with TP trick from him. This lead is huge, and my flat of it should be scary to him. I think many of you are ranging him way too wide.

FWIW, I think he raises QQ and AQ pre pretty much always. Not so sure about TT. QT and 55 he always completes SB. Q5 and 5T are heavily discounted, imo. He's trying to be grindery, and I think he usually folds these pre, even in a 5-way limped pot. Suited fours' range def the most realistic ITT, imo.
Isn't this read kind of weak though? After only a few minutes our read on him isn't going to be that good. I think shoving on the flop is pretty standard and I'd need to have a better read on my opponent to fold.
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