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Live Low-stakes NL Discussion of up to 3/5 live no-limit, pot-limit and spread-limit Texas Hold'em poker games, situations and strategies.

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2/5 bomb pot. Flop 2 pair

Hero $1000 2/5 live

Hero on btn with QTo

Bomb pot for $15 so we all go straight to the flop.

Flop ($135) QJTss
Checks to HJ who bets $60, LJ and CO call, hero?

HJ and CO have hero covered, LJ has $280 behind after his call
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Re: 2/5 bomb pot. Flop 2 pair

I am just calling here. Too much money behind to fall in love with top and bottom pair here.We literally went a million ways to the flop cause of the bomb pot, and two pair is not nearly as strong as you could think on this kind of board very multiway.

I am just calling flop, and folding to significant action on the turn unless i boat up.
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Re: 2/5 bomb pot. Flop 2 pair

Nasty situation. Odds are you have the best hand and are facing some combination of draws and pair+draw hands. The problem is that your hand is at the very bottom of strong hands. If you raise you mostly only get action from the rare better hands and strong draws, you just force the hands with little chance of winning out. Plus the pot is now hugely bloated, a raise is close to committing you to the pot.

Best option is to take advantage of being on the button. Just call and see what happens on the turn.
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DK Barrel
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Re: 2/5 bomb pot. Flop 2 pair

There are three straights out there which is 48 combos. Counting sets and better 2p there are 64 total combos you are behind. There's actually a 34.9% chance one of the other 8 players was dealt a better hand.

Never played a bomb pot in my life but I feel like flatting is the right play and I am prepared to fold to turn aggression.
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