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Re: 2-5, All in bluff

Originally Posted by 6betfold View Post
So you're always betting underpairs on FD boards on flop and turn IP and checking behind river hoping they bricked their draw and don't have TP instead?
Pretty often. Even against stations. (Remember, they are stations with draws as well as with pairs.) It works pretty well because A) they don't bluff or value bet the river thinly enough, so they aren't scary, B) they often fold the turn -- I suspect the weak-passives are incorrectly folding some weak TPs against me sometimes (successful bluff) or correctly folding lower pairs (protects my equity), and C) they often give away physical/timing tells during the hand that help me know where I'm at.

There's a lot that can go right when we hold a hand as strong as QQ on a K-high board with weak straight draws and flush draws. To bring this derail back in the direction of the OP, consider this hand if we were on the button with an open ended straight draw. If the QQ bets we might raise which would generally get a fold, but we may also call hoping to bluff flush cards or hit our straight. Let's say the turn blanks and QQ bets again, and we call with the same plan. Now if another blank comes and we go check/check, (which is reasonable since they may be bluff catching) then QQ just got two streets of value off us.
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