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2/5 3bet pot on AcJc5hQc - facing allin for 126 bb

Hand below seemed interesting to me while playing regular 2/5 game in local casino last night. I wasn't the hero, but was wondering what I would do in the hand with various types of hands and wasn't sure, so would like to see some other 2+2ers to maybe give advice.

Villain (1100), Asian around 25, sat down 20-30 minutes ago, came to table and bought in for 1000 - which was average stack, minimum buying 300, no max. Was playing almost every hand (around 10 hands), usually passively until flop or turn, where he donked big bet and took it down, or got called and donked bet again. In those showdowns he either showed 2p+ or just mucked if called. It was something like 3:3 in showdowns (winning hands vs. mucked hands).
First impression was when he sat down and how he handled the chips and played first hands from position, that he is an ok player, but with the amount of hands he played and some weird hands he has shown - limp/called J9o in MP, called QJo in CO, and limped A5o in UTG, checked flop on A98, bets pot on A89-5, bets again on A895-6. Wins a pot against A10. He also cold called 3bet once out of blinds and check/folded on the flop.

Hero (915) in question is 35-40 regular, doesn't know villain. Plays tight today, probably more like a nit and doesn't raise much. Waits for some fish to come around. While the villain was at the table, Hero hasn't really actively played any hand, only checked one orbit while in BB. Folded the rest except maybe one MP limp and fold to aggression preflop.


9 handed, UTG folds, UTG+1 raises 20, MP1 calls, Hero raises to 105 from MP2, everyone folds, Villain in BB calls, UTG+1 and MP folds.

Flop (250): Ac Jc 5h, Villain checks, Hero bets 180, Villain calls.

Turn (610): Ac Jc 5h - Qc, Villain moves allin, Hero has to call 630.

What range can we call here? Villain was seen putting big bets with 2p+ and also with complete bluffs. I don't see him bluffing here, but I can't see him having too many flushes in his range also, but I can see him playing this way with AA, JJ, sometimes AK, AxKc, AQ, AJ and maybe QQ some small percent of time, but let's say only one combo. I think, I wouldn't fold sets of A, J or Q here. I wasn't sure though about AxKy, AxKc, AQ, AJ.

I thought that it would be easy lay down with AxKy. But wouldn't know what to do with AxKc - I mean, we have around 33 percent if we give him that range with only one AxKy, one QQ, all AJs and AQs and 3 combos of AQo (half of the combos), but I hate putting the money in there with it - is this a mistake to fold this here? Against that range we should call with AQ, AJ and sets, right?


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Richard Parker
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Re: 2/5 3bet pot on AcJc5hQc - facing allin for 126 bb

Villain would have to be very loose to cold-call $105 from BB without pp or big broadway cards.

I am thinking KQo with Kc or maybe AQ and QQ.

Villain is check raising all set and AJ on the flop for value, and probably AK some of the times and play it as bluff catcher in others.

Doesn't make whole lot of sense for villain to show up with flush other than KcTc, but why would he open shove with mortal nuts?

I think I am calling off with AK+, especially with Kc.
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Re: 2/5 3bet pot on AcJc5hQc - facing allin for 126 bb

Hero's range should be JJ/AA, AK

I think Villain's likely range is AK w K, AJ/AQ, JJ. Flushes are also in his range but I don't think as likely as two pair combos. The flushes I think he has are T8cc, T9cc, K9cc, and KTcc (though it would be really strange for him to shove with the unbeatable hand)

If I'm Hero, I'm calling with sets and AK. Otherwise, I'm folding all my other AK hands
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Re: 2/5 3bet pot on AcJc5hQc - facing allin for 126 bb

If he's been shown to do this and bluff 50% of the time with air, then it's an easy call with top pair+(high variance) against the nittiest nit at the table in his eyes, isn't it?
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Re: 2/5 3bet pot on AcJc5hQc - facing allin for 126 bb

I agree with the thing, that villain was bluffy, and hero was nitty. But from my little experiences, I don't see many villains bluff in bloated 3bet pots oop against nitty villains - I mean, can villain expect nit to fold sets here? The only hand hero could fold here is the AK, because he probably just calls even with AQ if he 3bet pf. So while I don't give villain in "normal" hands that much credit and I would put him on semibluffs a lot, I just can't imagine doing him this here - from the 20-30 minutes experience. If I see him do something crazy like that once, fine, but this is different that betting 90 into 100 on some scary board against passive scared caller - here he is betting pot 600 into 600 against pf aggressor who is nit and cbetted flop reasonably big.

I guess AxKc is a call because of the fd, but AK/AQ/AJ is puke fold by me here.
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