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2/3 nl, top two reraised on river

This is one of the stickiest games I've played in. There is essentially no preflop fold equity. On at least two occasions, I've seen a raise of $50 against EP limpers get called in 3 spots.

V1 is loose middle aged white guy, playing 70/20. Due to some stationy behavior, his stack is down to $800 from $1600 a few hours before. Not sure that he understands relative hand strength ... the following hand is relevant: Villain 3bets from the BB to 50, Hero calls on Button with 7Tcc. Flop: 689r. Villain leads for $50, Hero calls. Turn: J. Villain leads for $100, Hero calls. River: x. Villain leads for $100, Hero raises to $300, Villain calls. Villain proudly tables KK and receives the bad news. Another relevant hand from several months back: (Effective stacks $500.) Villain opens to $15 with ATcc, 1 LP caller, Hero raises to $100 from the BB with AA, Villain calls (!!!), LP folds. Villain calls a $100 flop bet on a two club board, and turns the flush to double up.

V2 is another huge calling station. His stack is probably close to $400. All that you need to know for this hand is that his button steal percentage against limpers is probably close to 50%. On one occasion he raised the button to $30 with 65o.

Hero is the big stack at the table at $2300, winning image. In the past 3 or so hours, I've shown down several big hands to scoop >$600 pots, mainly from V1,V2 and one other loose player at the table.


V1 limps from EP, 2 callers, V2 in the BTN makes it $25 . Hero calls in SB with Jd Kc. V1 calls, one other limper calls. Pot = $106.

Flop: 6c 10c Ks

Checks around to V2, who checks.

Turn: Jd

Hero leads for $50. V1 calls, everyone else folds. Pot = $206.

River: 2h

Hero bets $100. V1 raises to $300. Pot = $606, $200 to call.

I haven't seen V1 raise without the goods, however, I'm not sure that he doesn't believe JT or KT is the best hand in this spot. Comments on all streets appreciated.

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Re: 2/3 nl, top two reraised on river

Given opponent descript, I'd call, If he limped pre with AQ, nh. Probably betting flop with 66.

Pre - given BTN raising 50% of his range, I'd 3b.
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: 2/3 nl, top two reraised on river

Your line in the T7 hand was terrible given what kind of player V was. Raise flop or turn and play for stacks.

Pre is a bit ehhhh even given V2's btn raise% but meh, it's probably OK I guess. I'd bet a bit more on both turn and river. Snap calling the raise. No idea what V1 has but no chance I'm folding top two on this board to one aggressive action.
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Re: 2/3 nl, top two reraised on river

HH is relevant with the over-valuing of hands.
I've seen fish at my game do this, get called, show KQ, and win (lol). People overvalue hands all the time and if this is a player you've seen do this then its a snap call.
If he shows 66 or AQ this time then that sucks but whatever.
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