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Old 10-20-2016, 11:32 AM   #1
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1-3 line check: set + wet board OOP

Villain 1: My first time playing with him, been sitting about 2 hours and run his stack up from $250 to around $500. Hasn't been active pre or post flop, not raising often and seems tight/fit or fold, and has always had the goods when it's gone to showdown.

Villain 2: Not very important to this hand, have lots of history with him. Views me as a tight, very solid player. Loves to shove pre flop or on the flop when he gets short (around $150 or less) with any solid piece (top pair, flush draw, straight draw, etc). Sitting on around $175.

Hero: Running good and have scooped a couple large pots with monster hands. Have been pretty active. Usually have had it but did spew off a couple hundred on a questionable bluff that got called down. Stack over 1K.


I'm UTG+1 and limp with black 22. Villain 1 raises to $15 in MP, Villain 2 calls on the button, I call. Three to the flop.

Pot $49
Flop 9d8s2d

I am first to act and I elect to check. My plan is to check-raise if Villain c-bets. If he has a big overpair, I'm guessing it will be tough for him to fold on such a wet board where there are more flushs or OESD in my range then sets, and we might be playing for stacks on the flop or turn. There are lots of bad or action killing cards for me that could come so I'd rather get more money in now.

Is this is the right play or should I be donking here for around $40?

As played, Villain 1 c-bets for $40. Given his image and that he bet 80% of the pot, I think it's likely he isn't doing this with air. Villain 2 shoves for his remaining $160 (I put his range on pretty much draws or a 9 here).

I think a min-raise would be extremely suspicious, so let's assume our options are:

1. Smooth call the $160. This will disguise the strength of my hand, and could induce Villain 1 to jam over the top if he has KK or AA. Even if Villain 1 just calls, the pot will be over $500 and Villain 1 will have around $340 behind, setting up nicely to get the money in on the turn. The two issues with this are that I am OOP and there are lots of unfavorable turn cards.

If we smooth call, is our plan to just open jam any turn card?

2. Jam. This would be a pretty strong play and I might lose the opportunity to really get paid. However, it could also look like I'm on a draw myself and could induce a call from a big pocket pair. If Villain has a hand like KdQd they might be hard pressed to find a fold here too.

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Re: 1-3 line check: set + wet board OOP

I'm not totally convinced that only going 3ways OOP against these two guys (with their respective stacks) is going to be profitable setmining. The target V2 has too small a stack, and the big stack seems like he's not ******ed. If I'm on my game, I probably fold to the raise preflop.

SPR is about 10ish, which means we can get in stacks with 3 ~PSBs postflop. We've shown a spew, the board is drawy (we can rep a draw), and the raiser has had the goods (i.e. ok chance he does have an overpair here). My plan would be to donk PSB/PSB to setup a river shove.

As played, whatever we do will be taken as strong. Really depends on what level V1 is thinking on. If he can think on the level on "why the hell would he shove here, is he trying to blow me out of the pot and isolate V2 with a hand that is likely worse than mine?" then lean towards shove. Otherwise call; if we call and he just flats, there will be $530 in the pot with just $325 behind, so we could either check to induce a protection bet or perhaps bet small ourselves to attempt to commit V1 by the river (say like a lol $100 which will product a $730 pot with only $225 left for the river). I'm guessing it's probably fairly close between all the lines we take and we probably can't **** up too bad choosing either one?

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Old 10-20-2016, 12:17 PM   #3
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Re: 1-3 line check: set + wet board OOP

I agree with GG on donking. That's usually what I do when I flop a set OOP.

As played, I probably shove. Anything we do is super strong, but if we call we are never bluffing or isolating, though sometimes we are doing that when we shove.
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Re: 1-3 line check: set + wet board OOP

Arr in
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Re: 1-3 line check: set + wet board OOP

I disagree with the donking. I think OPs plan of check raising with the appearance of a draw on a wet board is perfect.

AP - I think flat then shove any turn is right. 3B here will scare off most villains with his stack if he has an overpair.

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Re: 1-3 line check: set + wet board OOP

Preflop the limp/call is debatable. Planning the check/raise on the flop is good, by donking you bet out all of their bluffs. Both options after V2 jams are fine but I prefer just shoving ourselves in this spot. On a wet board like this by you jamming it looks as if your trying to iso/get V1 out of the pot. I think it would be tough for him to fold 10s+ here. Either options are fine here though.
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