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1/3 KsQs button

Hi all,

400 effective

V: have a good relationship with him. Very friendly. He covers me. Usually plays very loose and passive and stationy but this session different. Older guy

H: v thinks Iím a pro LOL. He just assumes I always have it

OTTH: v opens CO 10 call BTN SB BB calls .

40 Flop K♦️Q♦️2♣️

V bets 10 I raise to 30 blinds fold he calls

(100) Turn 6♦️ V checks I bet 35 he raises to 70 I ask do u have something just kind of joking he nods

I call


River 3h

He bets 100
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Re: 1/3 KsQs button

If I understand correctly, Hero is on BTN. I think you should raise KsQs preflop on BTN.

It's possible you made some sizing errors and maybe some betting errors too in this hand. I will defer to the better players ITF, but I cannot endorse your line overall.

AP: V's 10 bet on flop is fishy/maybe blocker. Seems like he's setting the price for his draw. On a wet board, he'd pound his sets and probably his AK too given your preflop action. Likely he'd check his AQ.

So I'd make it 50 to go, not 30, on this flop. Given that you flatted your button pre, you could easily have 22 here. After his lol 10 lead and your raise, V gets 4-1 on his call so if he's still drawing he has every reason to call your raise. If he had a set he'd re-raise.

OTT, he's likely checking his NF and betting his small flushes. So his check is more nutted I fear. Moreover, I'm not sure I understand your betting or your bet sizing ott. What are we trying to accomplish here? Are we value betting, blocking or what? If he has made a flush, your in trouble. If he has AdKx, you're pricing him in with a 35 bet offering again 4-1 on his call. If we're betting it has to be bigger or else check behind.

OTR, we beat his AdKx and AdQx (8 combos) enough to call down. Sure he can have AdTd/Jd/5d, JdTd and maybe a few others with which he could take this line. We're getting over 5-2 and I think we're good half the time at least.
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Re: 1/3 KsQs button

I'm fine with just flatting preflop. If it ends up HU, fine, we're in position against a likely wide range with a very playable hand, let's play some pokrs postflop. If the blinds come along for cheap, that's fine too, as this hand plays fine multiway and we'll be in position in a highish SPR pot.

Think I'm fine with our flop raise and sizing. It gives poorish odds to someone coldcalling behind us and meanwhile is small enough to likely not blow the raiser out of the pot.

Think I would check back the turn. He's continuing with something on the flop. The main draw got there. Otherwise, if he has a weak hand like AK/AQ, now a large part of our semi-bluffs got there and he'll mostly fold. It's not impossible he has a monster like KK/QQ. About the only worse hands that are going to continue to come along are big Ace , and possibly OESDs. It's probably close, but the tipping point for me is that I really don't want to be put in check/raised spot like happend here, where we'll mostly be forced to fold a draw to a monster (which sucks). Even facing the minraise we're only getting 6:1, which is pretty meh to chase a 4 outer (if behind, but he thinks we always have it and yet he check/raised on the turn, so good chance we are behind).

I probably don't reach the river but I'd mostly be folding unless he's capable of doing this with busted JT. The problem is that he thinks we always have it plus we showed great strength during the hand, so it's just so much more unlikely that's he doing this with something other than ~nuttish hands.

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