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Old 02-24-2021, 11:52 AM   #1
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1/3 a few hands

So playing 6-max 1/3. Table is pretty solid. Hero is young white guy, who bought in for 300 and has played solid for the most part. In hand 1, H image is TAG, and after an hour or two hand 2, H could may be seen as a little stationy.

Not to sound like a fish, but there is a 500 hh bonus per hour going on as well.

Hand #1 (4 - Handed)

V is on the button (middle aged white guy, have seen him before in local poker rooms, solid player, but not a lot of history together) covers H

H is on the BB and has about 500

OTTH (V has button straddle for 5)

SB limps, H in BB limps with 64ss, MP calls, and V checks.

Flop (20ish)

Checks around

Turn (20ish)

Sb x, H x, MP x, V bets 12, all fold I call

River (42ish)
H x, V bets 30, H should snap call? Not even close right?

Hand #2

H has gotten his stack up to about 1k, an hour or two after H1. V1 in this hand is middle aged asian man, who is on his second rebuy after the following hand with the V2 in the previous hand

V2 raised pre to like 15, flop comes 2d3d4h, V1 x, V2 bets 40, c.

Turn is now 2d3d4h6d, Asian V leads out for 75, V2 calls, River is a brick, V1 jams for 325, and V2 tank calls with A5, and V1 showed A6cc (total bluff)

OTTH (6-handed)
H looks down at AsKd UTG and makes it 12, 3 other callers including V1 from example above.

Flop (45ish)

Hero elects to check, x around

Turn (45ish)

Hero leads out to 35, get two calls including V

River (155ish)


Hero bets 45, all fold to V (no one left in between) and he raises to 150. Hero?

Thoughts on all lines would be appreciated. I obviously think the flop check is BAD and reeks of FPS, but I don't know.

Also apologizes if the formatting is wacky.
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Old 02-24-2021, 12:35 PM   #2
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Re: 1/3 a few hands

hand one i would raise turn. solver calls turn and raises river, though your line of call, call is fine doesn't lose much ev.

hand 2 great flop to raise to charge a weaker ace if someone has it.

now that we check flop you played it great just hope he has worse ace than you or random bluff and not house or flush and put in the call.
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Old 02-24-2021, 01:56 PM   #3
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Re: 1/3 a few hands

What is river in hand one? We should treat our hand as the effective nuts. I think all lines are reasonable as long as you don’t fold

Hand 2 bet flop for sure. Check weaker aces. As played I’d call and expect to lose to a flush a lot
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Old 02-24-2021, 02:46 PM   #4
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Re: 1/3 a few hands

Not really the type of table I'd be trying to play at (shorthanded filled with solid players according to reads). But I guess we're just grin and bearing it and hope conditions improve?


I just fold preflop because I doubt playing this hand OOP to the solid Button is going to be profitable.

I probably donk the turn to charge big single card flush draws. But I don't hate checking to induce. So as played I'm cool with just passively check/calling and attempting to get him to bluff me off a weak hand.

You didn't post the river, but I'm continuing my bluff catching line of check/calling any non-heart. He likely would have bet the flop with a flush draw / two pair / set, so the only card I'm not calling down on is a 4-to-a-flush card.


Even though we're shorthanded and deep, I still might just lean to limping in (my style in EP with 100% of my continuing range), especially with good / tricky / difficult players having position on me.

I'm fine with a flop check. Just think we're playing too face up against solid players if we're taggishly raising in EP and then always cbetting into a world of players here (cuz we should almost never be bluffing here).

I might even continue to check the turn. Any Ace is obviously going to start betting so we're never missing value from that. By this time draws might start semi-bluffing and air might too. I don't hate a bet (especially against those with less of a clue).

You'd think Villain would have semibluffed a diamond draw on the flop when checked to him often. And there ain't any other draws other than the backdoor flush draw. Did he really overcall the turn to setup a bluff multiway on the river with air? Is he really overvalueing an A that checked back the flop? If I'm betting the river, it's to fold.

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Old 02-24-2021, 02:56 PM   #5
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Re: 1/3 a few hands

Did he really overcall the turn to setup a bluff multiway on the river with air? Is he really overvalueing an A that checked back the flop?
I think these points are key. He's very unlikely to have a worse A that he's just overvaluing, since (unlike you, being first to act) he doesn't have much incentive to check back the flop with trips.

I wouldn't be *shocked* if he had some missed diamonds as bluffs, but I don't think people are going to arrive here with missed diamonds and decide to bluff-raise often enough to outweigh all of the times we're beat by value raises from boats/flushes. Even if you count the diamond combos, he might bluff raise with them like, what, 10% of the time? compared to the very large percentage of the time he'll raise with his nutted hands.
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